Shania Twain Tour Bus Accident: Crew Hospitalized in Highway Crash

Shania Twain's Tour Bus Crashed

A frightening incident unfolded on the Trans-Canada Highway in southeast Saskatchewan as a bus, part of Shania Twain’s touring crew for the “Queen of Me” tour, was involved in a collision.

Although the Canadian country icon was not aboard, members of her concert production team were on the bus en route from Winnipeg to Saskatoon.

The crash occurred after a show in Winnipeg while en route to the next venue in Saskatoon. The bus lost control on the icy highway. Dwayne Stone, the Grenfell fire chief, described the slippery roads following rain and subsequent snowfall as a contributing factor to the accident.

When first responders arrived, they found the bus overturned, with 13 individuals trapped inside. “It looks like they lost control, went into the ditch sideways and then the wheels caught the ground and it rolled,” Stone said.

The vehicle, a double-decker with sleeping arrangements on the upper level, required emergency access through the roof hatch and windows to rescue the trapped crew.

Fortunately, the injuries sustained are not believed to be life-threatening.

Emergency responders transported the individuals to nearby hospitals, with two requiring further care in Regina.

Fire Chief Stone highlighted the challenges faced during the rescue, mentioning that many passengers were asleep at the time of the accident, resulting in their exposure without proper winter attire.

While the incident disrupted the crew’s journey, Shania Twain’s management company, Maverick, issued a statement urging patience and support for their affected touring family during this challenging time.

Banner image: Gareth Dillistone

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