Suzi Kory’s “A Better Man” Shines a Light on Musician’s Mental Health

Suzi Kory's single "A Better Man"

Canadian country-rocker Suzi Kory has just released her newest single, “A Better Man”. The track focuses on the challenges of a life on the road and its effects on mental health.

“Although the past couple of years have been quite challenging for most people, it has also been a time for self-reflection,” says Suzi. “Many musician friends used the time off the road as an opportunity to make positive life changes and that is what inspired this song.”

Suzi is certainly right … these last couple years have been tough for all of us. Her music might be the exact remedy we need to make us feel better … but also to think about what’s important.

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“A Better Man” has the feeling of classic country-rock with Suzi’s powerful voice perfectly complementing the electric guitar and piano that supports her throughout the song.

Its message about mental health and self-worth is something we can all appreciate these days.

Suzi co-wrote the track with producer Brent Woods, who’s also known for his work alongside the likes of KISS. The track was recorded in Los Angeles, California, but the country twang rings true to Suzi’s Toronto roots.

Who Is Suzi Kory?

Suzi Kory was born in Beirut, Lebanon and moved to Toronto with her family at just 8 months old. She was first exposed to country music by her mother, and would eventually be exposed to hard rock like Guns n’ Roses.

A fateful encounter with Axl Rose, who she considered an idol, led her to dive head first into the music industry.

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In 2020, Suzi founded the Love Revolution Country Music Festival and has amassed over 200,000 Spotify streams, 50,000 views on YouTube, and is featured on Sirius XM … a seriously impressive feat for someone who only recently jumped into the music industry.

You can keep up with Suzi on her Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Stream “A Better Man” By Suzi Kory

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