Finding Our “Happy Place” With Angelica Appelman’s Debut Single

Angelica Appelman's debut single "Happy Place"

Inspired by Tenille Arts and Gabby Barrett, Angelica Appelman is coming in and taking us to a comforting world with her debut single “Happy Place”.

Being the newest face in Canadian Country, this track means more than you would expect.

The relationships around Appelman influenced her to write this track.

Starting from an image that was taken with her nephew, she knew that her happy place wasn’t always just a location. It’s the people in her life that she finds she’s most at home and at peace with.

This track reminds us that a happy place can simply be being in someone’s arms and sharing “good vibrations” with a person or a group of people.

She wanted this track to be the one that introduces listeners to her world of country music as she feels it is the most genuine and authentic version you can get from her. “This encapsulates so much who I am as a person and what my values are,” she told me.

Co-written with Rich Cloke, TJ Simpson, and Matt Koebel, and produced by Matt Koebel, this track is bound to take you to your own happy place and give you the biggest smile on your face. It will uplift you from any mood that you’re in, and if you’re already in a great mood, expect to feel on top of the world with Appelman’s powerful voice!

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More About Angelica Appelman

28-year-old Angelica Appelman knew she was destined to be an artist at a very young age.

From being surrounded around music through her guitar-playing mom, and piano-playing sisters, she found her voice while doing grade 2 musicals and joining the church choir.

In school, she would always write “sing” when they asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up! Appelman would hold karaoke concerts with her siblings on their driveway to sing songs by The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and Shania Twain.

Angelica Appelman's new single "Happy Place"

When she was 13, she would write songs and call it “Taylor Swifting” her way through high school. Music was her outlet and a therapeutic need. She went to Eastwood Colligate Arts Program which led her to University of Toronto and Sheridan College for theater and drama studies, and performance. While in school, she would make up songs to remember certain pieces of information, and if that doesn’t scream passion for music, I don’t know what does!

Appelman is also able to learn by ear which is how she created the melodies in her head for the songs on her upcoming album.

Throughout her life, she had various music coaches, but her coach today, Amanda Kind, aided her throughout the process of becoming a musician. From here, she began to co-write with different artists for two years throughout the pandemic, and she decided it was time to have the light shine on her.

“This is my heart,” she told us.

She hopes her listeners can take something away from her music. Whether it’s closure or a new outlook on a situation, she wants her passion to come through in her tracks and to ensure they’re relatable to her listeners.

Be sure to listen to “Happy Place” and stay tuned for the release of A Reason for a Season. You can follow her on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram!

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