Alli Walker’s New Single “Maybe I’m Still Drunk” Is All Too Relatable

Alli Walker, Maybe I'm still drunk

Kicking off 2022, Singer-songwriter Alli Walker has released “Maybe I’m Still Drunk” as the second song off her upcoming album, out later this year.

Riding the high of the October 2021 release of the nostalgic “Country Music”, Alli is setting out to make this year a game-changer.

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Produced by 2021 CCMA producer of the year, Dannick Dupelle and written by Hannah Ellis and Alex Masters, this song accurately details the “Sunday Scaries.”

Waking up, pounding headache, reaching for your phone to figure out what in the world happened last night, “we’ve all been there”. Although Alli wasn’t the writer on this song, its lyrics match her wittiness in storytelling and the music plays perfectly for the sound she has created.

Listen To Our Episode Of “On The Porch with Front Porch Music” With Alli Walker

“As soon as I heard this song I knew it was one that so many of us could relate to and that I had to record it,” the PEI-native recalls of first hearing “Maybe I’m Still Drunk”.

This song is a refreshing glass of water after a night of regrets, “I couldn’t ignore how perfectly Hannah and Alex captured that feeling of having one too many drinks and then waking up to figure it all out the next day.” Alli hopes that this song can remind listeners that it happens to the best of us and you just gotta “keep on, keepin’ on.”

More About Alli Walker

This TikTok queen made a splash releasing “Country Music” 2 years after her debut album The Basement Sessions in Fall 2019. This song went viral tracking over a million views and thousands of comments, allowing fans to reminisce on the country music faves they grew up on.

Alli joined our very own Logan and Jenna on our podcast “On The Porch with Front Porch Music” for a conversation about her days playing the bagpipes, navigating the TikTok algorithm and upcoming releases in 2022. She is also featured as one of our 2022 Artists to Watch, predicting a banner year for Alli.

Make sure to check out Alli on all her socials Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook and watch for her full lyric and music videos for “Maybe I’m Still Drunk” as well as releases leading up to her Fall 2022 album release.

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