BC Country Artist Tony Stevens Releases “Cochrane Avenue”

Tony Stevens "Cochrane Avenue"

If the name Tony Stevens doesn’t ring an immediate bell for you, you’d be forgiven. He’s relatively new on the Canadian Country scene, having released two songs so far.  But it’s a name you should keep in your memory banks because his latest single, “Cochrane Avenue”, showcases a talent to keep an eye … and ear … on!

“Cochrane Avenue” is a mid-tempo ballad with a rock tinge, that will take you on a walk down memory lane to your own formative years, with lyrics that highlight memories of childhood, family and traditions.

Steeped in nostalgia, Stevens starts the song detailing a literal journey to a family house on Cochrane Avenue. “Walkin’ up that hill felt like climbing a mountain … when you’re a child everything just seems so large” he sings, evoking that universal feeling of things not being exactly as we remembered them, but still as memorable and just as important. 

“Grandpa built that house with his bare hands” he croons, and you know he’s singing from a place of vulnerability and love, ending the chorus with the heartfelt lyric “I wouldn’t be the man I am today to tell the truth, without that homemade house on Cochrane Avenue”. 

Steven’s voice is the star of the show.

It ranges from quiet, reflective baritone at the beginning, to falsetto’d “ooohs” and an emotional belt as the song surges to its impassioned pinnacle, supported by a driving bass line and rocky guitars. 

Hailing from the lower mainland of British Columbia, Stevens states he’s always had music “running through his veins.”   After years of “carrying his music in his heart” life threw him some curves and he’s decided not to keep his songs to himself anymore … and we’re sure glad he came to that decision!

Written by Stevens and produced by CCMA Nominee Dan Swinimer, this is a song that solidifies the arrival of an exciting new talent on the Canadian country scene.

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So make sure you hop aboard the “Tony Train” (yes, I just made that up, and yes, I’m sticking with it) now, because with talent like this, you’re going to want to come along for the ride … to “Cochrane Avenue” and beyond!

Stream “Cochrane Avenue” now and watch the official video below.

Stream “Cochrane Avenue” By Tony Stevens

Watch The Music Video For “Cochrane Avenue”

Scott Sykes - Contributor for Front Porch Music
Scott Sykes

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