Review of Tebey’s New EP – Love a Girl

Canadian Country Artist Tebey

After taking a bit of time off from the public spotlight to focus on his family and to recharge, Tebey is back with a brand new EP Love a Girl. This 6 track EP was released through Road Angel Entertainment and Warner Music Canada.

First and foremost, why is he only releasing an EP? We would love to have a full album from Tebey! He is such a fantastic songwriter (having written songs for Cher, One Direction, Shawn Desman, Big and Rich, Emerson Drive, and many more including the recent number 1 for Justin Moore: “Somebody Else Will”) that it would be so great to have entire full length collection of songs to enjoy.

But we’ll take what we can get!

Review of Tebey’s EP Love a Girl

Tebey’s first single to country radio “Denim on Denim” gave us a taste of just what we could expect from the rest of the EP. It’s the perfect fusion of pop and country.

The leading single “Denim on Denim” quickly became one of the fastest added songs to country radio in Canada and landed in the top 20. This single was the perfect introduction to the rest of his EP. It promised a sound that, while not classic country, will fit in to the current country climate. He’s pushing the boundaries of the genre in Canada and his vocals are smooth as ever.

Each single has standalone power, but when you listen to the EP as a collective piece of work, there’s definitely a story of emotions that come through the speakers. All the songs are in some way about a girl and love. From the passionate “Wreck Me”, to the fun lightness in “That’s Gonna Get You Kissed”.

The single “Who’s Gonna Love you” has a sultry sound and is really great to listen to. However, what’s with the lyrics? The song is about the girl in the song saying no one is going to love him if she doesn’t.

When you hear the song in its entirety it makes sense. But you have to be listening really closely to the verses to understand that it’s a woman saying it about him in a playful way. But when you just hear the chorus alone, it sounds like a really mean song.

Who’s gonna love you if I don’t
Who’s gonna love you if I won’t
Who you gonna call
Who you gonna kiss
Nobody’s gonna put up with your shit
Who’s gonna love you if I don’t

Totally understand what the song is going for, but we had to listen to it a couple of times to fully understand that he wasn’t putting down the woman in the song.

It’s been reported that Tebey is putting together a National headlining tour for the Fall. More details on that to come. We can’t wait to hear this EP live!

Tebey – Love a Girl EP Track list

Cover art for Tebey's new EP Love a Girl

1. Denim on Denim
2. That’s Gonna Get You Kissed
3. Who’s Gonna Love you
4. Love a Girl
5. Wreck Me
6. Show You What It’s Like (Sam Ellis Remix)





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