Tebey Releases “Song Of The Summer” With Ireland’s Una Healy

"song of the summer" by tebey ft. Una Healy

Anytime Tebey releases new music, you know it’s going to be a good one. He teamed up with Ireland’s superstar Una Healy for his latest single “Song Of The Summer” … and it’s just that. The song of the Summer.

Tebey rerecorded this song as a duet with Una Healy. The song was great when it was released as a solo, but the addition of Una’s vocals elevates the song. It highlights Tebey’s strong vocals that we have all come to love as he harmonizes with Healy about a summer love that won’t be forgotten.

Stream "Song Of The Summer" by Tebey ft. Una Healy

“I’ve been a fan of Una’s since she was a member of The Saturdays,” Tebey explains. “I discovered her while I was living in London in 2012. When I first recorded “Song of the Summer” on my own, I was really happy with it not knowing it would eventually become this killer duet. I’m very grateful Una lent her incredible voice to this version of the song. Can’t wait to sing it with her live!”

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You may recognize Una’s voice. She is an Irish country/pop sensation and former member of the multi-platinum UK band The Saturdays. Her voice adds a rich depth to the song. Both of their voices work well together. Neither one of them overpowers the other, and it sounds completely complimentary.

“Tebey is such a brilliant artist and songwriter and it was an absolute thrill when he reached out to discuss recording a track together.” Healy continued, “when I heard the original version of ‘Song of The Summer’ I instantly knew it was a summer smash and the perfect song for us to duet on.  I’m beyond delighted with how our new version has turned out and I had the best time filming the video.”

It’s a great song! Be sure to stream it on Apple Music and Spotify, and add it to your playlists.

Stream “Song Of The Summer” By Tebey ft. Una Healy

Watch The Music Video For Tebey’s New Single ft. Una Healy

Lyrics To “Song Of The Summer”

I knew every street, every red light
But I still got lost staring in her eyes
They were Carolina blue
We turned it up when that song came on
She knew every word by heart
We were singing along in the dark

To that song of the summer
Driving around with the windows down
I’ll never forget her
That shotgun smile every midnight mile
Had her hands on me, working over time
Making it hard to stay between the lines
Back when it was just you and I
And that song of the summer
Song of the summer

We danced, we laughed until we cried
But those three months, man they flew on by
A little bit too fast
Just like that playlist we moved on
Now all that I got left
Is a memory I won’t forget

And that song of the summer
Driving around with the windows down
I’ll never forget…

Stream "Song Of The Summer" by Tebey ft. Una Healy

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