Adam Cousins Reminds Us To Be “Young Again” In New Single

Cover art for Adam Cousins' single "Young Again"

Adam Cousins is back with his second single of the year, “Young Again”. And this on comes just in time for summer!

Riding the wave of his earlier release “Riding the Waves” (see what I did there”), “Young Again” is sure to spark feelings of nostalgia and the good old days.

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Taking a traditional approach to the music, “Young Again” is stripped back to guitars and drums. Cousins really leans in to delivering an old-school country feel to the song. A simple story of remembering the good old days, listeners can’t help but be taken back to a special moment in time when listening to the song.

I can’t help but imagine barns lined with hay bails, string lights crossed over and a dance floor in the middle of the room. The song takes me back to the easy days of the early 00’s.

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“I hope people hear it and want to get up, dance, sing and share stories.”

The lesson in the song … exactly what our elders are telling us now. Enjoy the moment, being young, and the experiences you have. Some day you’ll miss them, but you’ll want to have positive memories to smile about. 

“Young Again” was inspired by time spent with his parents, listening to their stories of the good old days. The song’s heartfelt message is paired with a beat that will make you want to spin on the dance floor … like the good old days.

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Cousins is looking forward to playing “Young Again” and playing some live music later this summer. He’s spent a lot of time writing and is looking forward to sharing some of his new work with listeners.

Be sure to stream his brand new single on Apple Music and Spotify. And don’t forget to follow Adam Cousins on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

Stream “Young Again” By Adam Cousins

Watch The Music Video For “Young Again”

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