A Catch-up With Parker Graye And The Release Of Her New Single “Last Time”

Female country artist Parker Graye

“Last Time” is the latest single from the artist on a mission to make country music sad again. Parker Graye is back with the final single of the heartbreak trilogy, telling the story of heartbreak, betrayal, and closure. Leveraging her experience with heartbreak, Graye is closing a difficult chapter of her life with “Last Time”.

Graye channels her feelings to tell a heartbreaking story; her own heartbreak.

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“Last Time” was written in 2019, shortly before a long, constant heartbreak finally came to a close. Graye headed into the writing room with Lucase Fogale to capture her feelings into a story she could have for herself. The song wasn’t initially meant to make it to the recording studio.

Graye decided to play “Last Time” as part of her set at the British Columbia Country Music Showcase in 2019.

“The room was silent. At first I thought I made a bad choice.”

Parker Talks About This Moment In Our Chat On The Porch

The audience response was confirmation – but seeing the social media shares of her set later, comments about “Last Time”, and the interactions she received, she took it to the studio with Spencer Cheyne.

“I barely held back tears on every take and bawled my eyes out on every playback.  This song really does mean so much to me and I hope that it connects with people who have been through similar situations.”

Graye notes that releasing “Last Time” feels like finally closing this chapter in her life. After sitting on it for so long, it feels right to release, and like she’s closing the door and walking away for the last time.

Whether you’re a happy person who loves sad music (like myself), a soul looking to connect with their own heartbreak, or a sad girl who also loves sad songs (like Parker), “Last Time” is an immersive listening experience that will tug at your heart strings.

More about Parker Graye

Parker Graye is originally from Orillia, Ontario. Her travels west landed her in Vancouver, where she’s been for over ten years now. She’s always loved music, fuelled by the support of her musically gifted Aunt, Graye was always obsessed with music.

“I didn’t grow up in a musical household but I was obsessed with music. I’d spend hours listening to my tapes and CD’s until the internet opened up a whole new world to discovering new music and artists.” 

Graye always wanted to write music and perform, she just didn’t know how to get there. After taking a red eye bus from Banff to Alberta, she attended an industry night in Vancouver and started to find her footing. She didn’t land in the country genre immediately. Graye spent time in the world of pop music, before leveraging her gift as an emotional songwriter, to bring her stories to the Canadian country music scene.

Why is Parker Graye on a mission to make country music sad again?

stream Parker Graye's single "Last Time"

“I’ve always been a sad kid” Graye is also obsessed with the way you can listen to a sad song and it will take you back to a moment in your life, and you can feel all of those emotions again. The power of a sad song to draw that out of her is something she cannot get enough of.

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