Adam Cousins’ New Single “Riding the Waves”

Adam Cousins' new single "Riding The Waves"

Adam Cousins’ latest single is called “Riding the Waves”. His first release of 2021, which is co-written with Rich Cloke and Elias James, and produced by Shawn Moore.

The Brussels raised, London-based country singer has spent the last two years since his first EP on crafting his art as a songwriter. Transforming thoughts into stories, Cousins has “put a positive spin on death” as he says.

The songwriting session for “Riding the Waves” came after a serious conversation the twenty-five year old singer-songwriter had with family members.

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They were discussing plans for when they pass … not a conversation a twenty-something year old thinks about in terms of their own life … but Adam Cousins did. After thinking about how he wants to be remembered by family and friends, he went into the songwriting session with an idea.

“Riding the Waves” is very much an ode to his love for the water, and the sentiment around being connected to loved ones after death.

A deep topic, delivered in a light story. “Riding the Waves” is about embracing what’s here and now, taking life as it comes, and recognizing that we all end up in the same place in the end.

It’s about overcoming obstacles as you’re faced with them. The water holds a special place in Cousins’ heart. Whether he’s fishing or just by the lake, it’s a place where he finds peace and connection to himself.

This new single from Adam is great, and you can tell that it comes from a very personal place. Be sure to stream “Riding the Waves” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Stream “Riding the Waves” By Adam Cousins

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