Greg Rider Releases Upbeat Summer Single “Northern Lights”

"Northern Lights" by Greg Rider

We’re all looking forward to getting back to our summer norms and that is exactly what Greg Rider’s new single “Northern Lights” is about.

Canadian country singer songwriter Greg Rider wanted to release a song about breaking away from the restrictions of the last year as we work to put the pandemic behind us.

“It’s been a tough year for Canadians and with summer upon us, we’re all eagerly waiting the day when we get to hang out with friends, listen to some music and drink a few too many beers while a bonfire roars in the distance,” Greg says about the song. “I hope ‘Northern Lights’ becomes Canada’s ‘break-free’ song and an anthem for summer 2021.”

Stream Greg Rider's latest single "Northern Lights" on Apple Music

This song has such a carefree and fun vibe that might make you wanna keep it on repeat all summer long … I know I will!

This upbeat party song was written with a fellow Canadian singer songwriter Parker Graye over a zoom call. “I was feeling good and wanted to write something to dedicate to all of the Canadians affected by the pandemic.” Greg continues, “We’re both very happy with how this song turned out and we can’t wait for everyone to hear the full song.”

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Greg plans on releasing a second single this summer and he hopes the success of the two will lead to the recording of his first EP this fall.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer anthem don’t hesitate to check out “Northern Lights,” AND stay tuned for a music video coming soon!

Stream “Northern Lights” By Greg Rider

More About Greg Rider

Greg Rider was born in Mississauga but spent most of his childhood growing up in Waterdown, Ontario. Greg always knew he wanted to be an entertainer, starting his career playing on the street corners of Montreal. During this time, he was able to try out an open mic session at a small bar, and not long after that he decided to move to Nashville to focus on his music full-time.

Stream Greg Rider's latest single "Northern Lights" on Apple Music

Greg returned to Canada two years later to work on his music back home and inspire Canadian youth to chase their dreams. He did just that when he travelled across Canada on an 85 school tour where he shared his original songs and told stories about his perseverance and overcoming anxiety and depression.

With 7 singles released to date, Greg Rider is best known for “16 Sticks”, a touching tribute to the 2018 Humboldt Bronco tragedy, which has over 200,000 streams and 750,000 video views.

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