Greg Rider Pays Tribute to Humboldt Tragedy With “Sixteen Sticks”

Greg Rider's music video for "Sixteen Sticks"

Greg Rider has released a touching tribute to the Humboldt Bronco tragedy that happened in 2018 with his new single “Sixteen Sticks”.

We all remember that day in 2018. It’s a day that will stick with most Canadians for the rest of our lives.

Like most Canadians, this crash hit Greg really hard. “I won’t forget the day it happened,” Greg said. “I got a phone call from my Aunt in tears sharing the terrible news. She knew it would hit close to home for the both of us, so she suggested I write a song about it.”

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Greg grew up in a hockey town in Ontario, and spent 8 years playing the sport for the Flamborough Sabres. Even though he pivoted to a career in music, Rider still has a strong bond with the hockey community. This is how “Sixteen Sticks” came to be.

Sixteen Sticks” was written weeks after the accident. He decided not to release it at the time because he felt it was still too early. So, he decided to tuck it away.

Six months ago though, Rider reached out to lend his support to Tyler Smith, one of the survivors, after hearing him on an interview about mental health. Greg decided to share his song “Sixteen Sticks” with Smith, who gave Rider his blessing to release the tribute.

It’s a really moving song. Many times while listening to “Sixteen Sticks” you can feel the hairs raise up on your arms, and a little lump form in the back of your throat. The song takes you right back to the emotions of the Humboldt Bronco’s tragedy. Greg has chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds from this single to select charities.

This is a special song. Be sure to stream “Sixteen Sticks” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Watch The Music Video For “Sixteen Sticks”

Stream The Humboldt Tribute “Sixteen Sticks” By Greg Rider

About Greg Rider

Greg Rider recently moved back to his hometown and toured across 80 Canadian schools. His goal was to spread a message of hope and resiliency and share how he overcame anxiety and depression. Rider’s single titled “One Town Away” was released early summer 2020.

Born in Mississauga, Rider always knew he was meant to be an entertainer. At 21 years old, a near-death experience changed his perspective. His dreams were no longer constrained by money or his geographic location.

He spent his early adult years performing on the street corners of Montreal and bartending in bars. He then moved to the Cayman Islands to bartend at the Margaritaville Resorts. Four months later, he bought a one-way ticket to Nashville to become a full-time singer and songwriter.

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