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Doin that Front Porch Thing.

Catching up with Steven Lee Olsen: The Quarantine Series

Steven Lee Olsen has already had a big year, and we’re only halfway through 2020.

About the author


Country music lover with an unhealthy collection of concert t-shirts. Always looking for up and coming artists. Believer in music's ability to soothe the soul. Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter @jennaweishar.

Brea Lawrenson is Ottawa’s Country Artist

Brea Lawrenson has become one of the staples in the country music scene across Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. She’s an incredibly talented artist and has been making a name for herself on country radio for years.

The 2020 CMAOntario Awards Nominees Announced

2020 has been off to a bumpy start…

BUT, with all the cancellations taking place in the world of music, it’s nice to have some happy news! The nominations for the 2020 CMAOntario Awards have been announced.

“Yeah, the view I love the most is from my Front Porch looking in…”

– Lonestar

front porch swing for the front porch music about us section

About The Front Porch Music Blog

The Front Porch is a place where people gather. It’s a place where you go to sit, contemplate the things in your life, and take some time to observe the world as it passes by.

The Front Porch is a place of pause. It’s almost like an out of body experience where you just sit back and relax as the world keeps moving – both inside the front door, and outside your driveway.

For years, the Front Porch has been a staple in country music. Whether it’s Lonestar singing about the front porch looking in, or Miranda Lambert telling a story about the house that built her.

We are committed to bringing you the best views about the latest in country music. So welcome to Front Porch Music – Come on up and enjoy the view with us.