“Feel You Leaving” By Elyse Saunders

Canadian female country artist Elyse Saunders

Canadian country artist Elyse Saunders latest single “Feel You Leaving” is a great record about letting go of what’s in the past and looking to what the future has in store. It’s a powerful song that came to Elyse in the strangest of ways.

Leaving Thomas Teases New Music

Country Pop Duo Leaving Thomas

Canadian country duo Leaving Thomas is leading us on by teasing new music and we can’t 👏 even 👏 handle 👏 it.  May 29th, 2019 can’t come soon enough for the release of their album Nothing Comes For Free.

Carrie Underwood Releases New Single “Cry Pretty”

The cover for Carrie Underwood's new single "Cry Pretty"

Carrie Underwood has just released a new single called “Cry Pretty”. This is the first single from her upcoming (untitled) album. According to Carrie, it’s a song that “refers to when emotions take over you and just can’t hold them back.”

River Town Saints New Single – You Get To Me

The River Town Saints new single You Get To Me

Have you heard the latest from the River Town Saints? They just released a new single called “You Get To Me” and also released a new music video. This is by far their strongest single yet.