Rosewood Ave Releases Accompanying Live Off The Floor Video For “Good Ole Days”

Rosewood Ave Music Video still for "Good Ole Days"

Rosewood Ave have been reminiscing in the “Good Ole Days” with their latest single, and now have released the paired music video, live off the floor. Co-written by Sabrina, Dave, and Andrew Peebles, “Good Ole Days” is about seizing the moment and not letting moments pass without enjoying them. “We’re really proud of our song, […]

Chris Goodwin Band’s Newest Single “Don’t You Wanna Truck”

Chris Goodwin Band

“Don’t You Wanna Truck” is the latest release from British Columbia-based Chris Goodwin Band. It’s a fun electric guitar-driven, country song that’s perfect for all of us anticipating summer weather! “Don’t You Wanna Truck” is the follow-up single to “Shot of Jack Daniels”, released at the end of 2022.  Chris Goodwin On Writing “Don’t You […]