Alex Hughes Hits A Coming Of Age Moment With “After 31”

Alex Hughes' Single "after 31"

“After 31” is the latest single from Calgary’s Alex Hughes. Really hitting a coming of age moment through this release, Hughes is excited to share this moment with listeners.

Co-written with fellow Canadian artists Parker Graye and Lydia Sutherland, “After 31” is really a reflection on all three of them and each of their realizations that achievement and milestones don’t have to happen on a strict timeline.

 “30 didn’t hit me the way 31 did. 31 felt like I’m in my thirties now. This is another life stage.”

A number of people go through this process of realizing everything isn’t going to happen at the same time for everyone. It doesn’t really matter what age you’re turning, you have all of these things you want to achieve, and there’s really no point in pressuring a time limit. It’s important to take however long you need to do the things you want.

The song came so organically for these writers because it grew out of a conversation around their shared experiences, progressing through those intense life stages that are your twenties, thirties, and beyond.

“We had so many similar experiences, which was really interesting because you think your life is unique. We related on so many levels and so many things. Those things made it into the song.”

The song is special to Alex and she hopes that listeners can find something special in it for them as well.

“I just want listeners to be able to know that you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself. You can take time and figure things out and that’s okay.”

Alex Hughes has made the most of the last year and a half by collaborating with a number of songwriters, taught herself a thing or two about recording her own vocals, and played a few shows, when and where possible.

One of these memorable shows was the Calgary Stampede, where she found herself on the ballot. It was a great opportunity because so many more local artists were given that stage and it was amazing for her.

In terms of songwriting, Alex notes that she channeled a more vulnerable side of herself. She did a lot of self-reflection and thought about what music she wanted to put out and what she wanted to say. She loves pop music and pop country and still wanted to do that, with an added layer of authentic storytelling. She recognized he has a lot more to say and share with listeners on a deeper level.

2022 is shaping up great for Alex Hughes, as she’s participating in an artist development program kicking off in January. She’s excited to dive into songwriting and learning from top mentors across the industry.

Be sure to add “After 31” to your current favourites playlist and follow Alex Hughes on Twitter and Instagram.

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