Amanda Keeles Can’t Be Stopped In Her Latest Single “Can’t Stop Me Now”

Amanda Keeles, country artist

Amanda Keeles’ latest single, “Can’t Stop Me Now,” tells a story of bravery, chasing your dreams after years of waiting, and embracing what you truly want your life to look like.

“Can’t Stop Me Now” is the title track of Amanda’s new album, released March 2nd. She’s also currently on the “Can’t Stop Me Now” tour.

Chasing A Dream In “Can’t Stop Me Now”

“Can’t Stop Me Now” subtly narrates Amanda’s personal journey, reflecting on the challenges faced and overcome. It’s a narrative of courage, of breaking free from the shackles of doubt and fear, and embracing one’s true calling. 

Listening to “Can’t Stop Me Now” feels like joining Keeles on her adventure, fuelling an inspiration to follow your dreams.

The blend of acoustic and electric guitars creates a rich, dynamic backdrop for Keeles emotive vocals. Each note is carefully crafted to build momentum, leading to an explosive chorus that ignites the listener’s spirit and a need to go after what you want.

Keeles says, “This song sums it up for me. I wrote ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ as I really cannot describe this journey any other way. The bold changes I made, the empowering feeling of doing what I love, and shaking things up to find that inner happiness.. which for me is creating music.”

Recorded at the five-time award winning MCC Recording Studio in Calgary and produced by Johnny Gasparic, “Can’t Stop Me Now” showcases the talent of Keeles and her team of accomplished Canadian musicians. 

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More About Amanda Keeles

London, Ontario-based finance professional turned country artist, Amanda Keeles, recently celebrated her first full year in the music industry. Having waited until her children reached adulthood and breaking free from a long-standing relationship that hindered her creative pursuits, the soaring vocalist and emotive songwriter made her triumphant entrance into the Canadian music scene one full year ago in January 2023. 

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Launching her first three singles ever last year, Keeles’ has already been featured on SiriusXM’s Top of The Country channel, iHeartRadio, and garnered significant airplay on commercial radio throughout Canada.

Pulling from the pages of her songbook she continued to fill throughout the years, Keeles partnered with Grammy and Canadian Country Music Award (CCMA) nominated producer Johnny Gasparic at Calgary’s five-time CCMA winning recording studio, MCC Recording Studio, where she recorded all of the songs on her debut album. Announcing the release of “Can’t Stop Me Now”, her first album, released March 2, 2024.

Amanda Keeles blends country with pop sensibilities and a dash of rock to create her “Can’t Stop Me Now” album tour.  Keeles’ reflective songwriting and powerhouse vocal dexterity take center stage with self written originals, high energy country covers and recognizable classic rock favourites.

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