Catching Up With River Town Saints: New Record Deal, New Single, and What’s Next!

River Town Saints

River Town Saints are celebrating the release of their latest single “She Got That”, which landed them the cover of Spotify’s editorial playlist Live Country and Amazon Music’s Just North Of Nashville.

With the announcement of their brand new record deal with Sakamoto Music, River Town Saints have a lot to celebrate these days.

Interview With Chris McComb Of River Town Saints

Front Porch:  Hey Chris! Why don’t we start with an update for Front Porch readers on what the band has been up to?

Chris McComb: Over the last few months we’ve been writing a lot, preparing our summer shows, having rehearsals when we can, and also attending a few industry events. 

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FP: “She Got That” is a vibrant song for the summer. Is it inspired by anyone in particular? Where did the concept come from? Are there any other songs that inspired this one in some way?

CM: Lyrically, it’s inspired by the women in our lives. There’s always that something (and it’s usually several things) that attracts us guys to our significant others. And every day you spend with them, just solidifies that. 

A song that we were listening to on the way to this write was “Hotel Key” by Old Dominion. There’s definitely a hint of that in “She Got That”

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FP: Congratulations on signing your record deal with Sakamoto Music. What are you most excited for with this new partnership?

CM: Thank you! We’re very fortunate to have a team of people that believe in us, after all of the things this band has overcome. We’re excited to work with Sakamoto Music because it is very much a team effort/discussion, making sure that we all have input into what we’re working on. 

FP: With more music surely on the horizon, what are River Town Saints looking to convey to listeners and fans? How do you stay true to the sound that sets River Town Saints apart?

CM: We just want our listeners to have fun! Some of our songs are serious and others are not, and we certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously. We always want to bring a lively show on the road with us! 

FP: Where do you recommend the best place for listeners to jam out to “She Got That” this summer?

CM: We think the best place to jam out to “She Got That” is on the Front Porch all summer long! Or the backyard, in the car, on your phone, or best of all: at one of our shows!  

Have A Listen To Our Conversation With The Guys

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