Jolene Harnish Talks New Music, New Beginnings and New Tour

Jolene Harnish Female Country Artist

Nova Scotia’s very own Jolene Harnish released her single, “Heart Too Big to Break”, in May from a brand new collection of tracks she’ll be putting out soon.

Although new to us at Front Porch, she’s not new to the country scene.

Growing up in a family that was always listening to country music she had a love for it. In 2009 she released “On a Wing and a Song” which hit radios on the east coast and she was featured as a top 10 artist on the East Coast Countdown.

Harnish stepped away from music for about 10 to 12 years but as she created her own apparel line, Staycation Apparel, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she found her way back when someone on her team told her that she should write a song about staycation-ing as that’s what everyone was doing at that point in time.

From there, she fell in love with music again and began to write more and more.

“Heart Too Big to Break” came to life while she was watching a Christmas hallmark movie. The part that stood out to Harnish while watching the film was when a father looked at their daughter and said “honey, you’ve got a heart too big to break.” From there, Harnish resonated with the film as she was going through several life changes at the time and she was never broken down by it.

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“I started really digging in to why I am the way I am. I went back to when I was a child growing up and kind of where the roads have led me. And I thought no matter what has happened I have so much passion for my dreams and what I want to do that no matter what, no one can break that from me. I also felt like my entire life I’ve been trying to fit into a specific mould and follow the system and do the right things … and I’m not that. I don’t do that. And I think that’s okay to feel like you don’t have to fit into that specific mould. You can build your own story,” Harnish explained on how she realized she also had a heart too big to break.

Her next track “Blueberries”, will be bringing a similar vibe to listeners which we could expect closer to the end of August. “This is such an inspirational song about going to find the things that want to be found. Don’t wait for things to find you. Go get it. Go after it,” she explained.

She shared that when she was younger, she had an obsession with blueberries and when people would come over she would entertain them for 15 minutes. When her time was up her father would tell her to “go pick blueberries” which became a running joke to tell her to do something else.

Jolene’s goal is to consistently inspire people.

“The best gift you can give to people is to believe in them. If I can believe in someone else or inspire them and give that to them and they can go and accomplish something they always wanted to do, that’s awesome. That’s a really awesome gift,” she expressed.

Jolene Harnish is definitely a rising star you should always keep up with and if you’re in the Nova Scotia area in August, she will be having a tour! The Evolution Tour will be hitting Guysborough on August 24 and Oxford on August 31.

For any updates on shows and new music, you can always follow her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Be sure to give “Heart Too Big to Break” a listen on your favourite streaming platform now!

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