Stay Up with Dan Davidson’s latest EP “Six Songs to Midnight”

Dan Davidson's EP Six Songs To Midnight

The great thing about Dan Davidson releasing new music is that, when you listen, you know you’re going to have a good time.

Hailing from Alberta, he first exploded on the Canadian country scene in 2016 with the release of his second single “Found”, which rocketed up the charts causing him to to become the #1 charting indie artist in Canada. It was also the #1 selling Canadian country song for several weeks and went on to become certified GOLD.

In the years since, he’s continued to release songs in his fun, pop-punk tinged country style, as well as release some of the most entertaining music videos around (seriously – check out the videos for “Found” and “Say We Did” at the end of this post)

About The EP Six Songs to Midnight By Dan Davidson

And now it’s time for his latest EP, Six Songs to Midnight.

“Roll With It”

Starting with the rollicking “Roll With It” featuring the legendary Road Hammers, it’s a great “cool-down-after-work-with-a-cold-beer” type song, encouraging us all that, no matter what you’re going through, good or bad, just accept it and “roll with it”.

“Role Models”

That easy going sentiment is continued on “Role Models”, which features a chorus that is perfect for chanting in arenas and at festivals.

A song about “one of those days” when everything just doesn’t work out, he offers a sense of community to unwind.

“We ain’t no role models, pilin’ up empty bottles….. if you’ve got real problems and don’t know how to solve them, come on over, grab a case!”, he sings, giving the sense that no matter what life throws at you, you want to be hanging out with Dan Davidson.

“Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You”

The track “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” featuring Hayley Jensen has one of my favourite lyrics on the album: “They say that we could be friends but hey lets be honest, there ain’t really no such thing as gin and platonic.” The song starts telling the tale of two people that maybe shouldn’t drink around each other if they want to stay apart.

“Blindspot” and “I Do”

There’s touches of romance on the record too, with “Blindspot”, an excellent song detailing an unexpected and surprising love, as well as the upbeat “I Do”, which I’m hoping will be heard at weddings across the country for many years to come.

“People always talk about three little words, but I only want two from you: I do.” I mean….it doesn’t get much more romantic than that!

“Don’t Judge A Beer By The Label”

The set ends with the standout “Don’t Judge A Beer By the Label”, which is an almost nostalgic track highlighting how we should aim for unity in these trying times. “Sipping on top shelf, or tipping Buds back, we’re on the same level when we raise that glass” he sings, again bringing up themes of community and camaraderie.

Of the project, Davidson says “This record is, in many ways, the “period on the sentence” of an important part of my growth as an artist.

RELATED: A couple years ago we chatted with Dan before he headed to perform at Cavendish Beach Music Fest …

I find this record to be a transitional statement as I step towards what feels like a new level in my career as an artist and songwriter. I feel like as a writer I really show what I do best – “get drunk and fall in love songs”. It’s a collection of tunes that I’m really proud of.”

As he should be. It may be called Six Songs to Midnight, but it’s an album you’re gonna wanna listen to all night long!

Stream Six Songs To Midnight by Dan Davidson

Watch The Music Videos For “Found” and “Say We Did”

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