Top 7 Country Songs to Get You In Vacation Mode

top country vacation songs

There’s no doubt that most of us are dying to go on a vacation; especially after these past couple years.

Whether it’s to a sandy beach on a private island, or hiking a mountain in a province you’ve never been to, you’re going to need some music to join you.

So here’s a list of the top 7 songs to get YOU in vacation mode! 

Top 7 Country Songs To Get You In Vacation Mode

7. “Thank Her For That” – Owen Barney

Owen Barney "Thank Her For That"

Bringing all the tropical beach vibes with this one, Owen Barney’s hit song “Thank Her For That” is a must have on the vacation list. 

This extremely catchy song talks about a break up in the best way possible. By packing his bags and flying to Punta Cana, Owen’s ex is out of sight, out of mind and he can thank her for that.  

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With over 2 million streams on Spotify, this single has become the pandemic anthem. 

“I can thank her for the sunshine, gold tequila with a little lime, since she left, I’m on island time” are just some of the “vibey” lyrics in this single. 

6. “Sunshine State of Mind” – Elyse Saunders

Elyse Saunders at the 2021 CMAO Awards
? – Grant Martin Photography

This Canadian girl’s soft voice and smooth lyrics fit perfectly into this vacation mode list. 

The title “Sunshine State of Mind,” says it all. 

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This summery love song takes you right to a sandy beach, blue skies and good vibes; and once you’re there, you’ll never want to leave.

5. “Getaway” – Brian John Harwood

Brian John Harwood in Sunglasses

Adding this song to the list is a no-brainer. 

It’s all about the feeling of a getaway being in a person rather than a place; and with the uncertainty of travel right now, it’s important to find that similar vacation feeling in someone.

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 “Getaway” has the perfect mood for chilling on the beach while watching the sunset. It’s easy to listen to and talks about all the best things on a tropical vacation like pina coladas, sunshine, and palm trees.

4. “Getaway” – Hunter Brothers

Hunter Brothers' new single "Been A Minute"

Sticking with the classic vacation vibe, I’m adding another song called “Getaway” to the list.

Hunter Brothers are known for their upbeat, summery songs and this one sure feels like a sunny departure is coming soon. 

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And even if they’re not physically going away, they sing about their getaway being in a salty little sweet kiss with their lover.

  3. “Motel Flamingo” – Madeline Merlo 

Top Summer Country Song Motel Flamingo by Madeline Merlo

This fun, upbeat and catchy song automatically puts you in vacation mode.

I mean, who doesn’t want to stay in Motel Flamingo right? Even just the name is intriguing. 

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In “Motel Flamingo,” you can wake up in a heart-shaped tub, stay cool in a lime green pool, and at only $49.99 a night, how could you go wrong? 

2. “Good Day to Get Gone” – Jason Blaine

"Go With Me" by Jason Blaine Interview

I’m throwing it all the way back to 2008 with this Jason Blaine hit. The title “Good Day to Get Gone,” speaks for itself.

This song is timeless and offers the perfect vibe for just packing up the car, filling up the tank, and getting outta here; which is such a mood for everyone right now. 

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Whether it’s a plane trip, a road trip, or a camping trip, this song makes you feel like you’re ready to go anywhere. 

1. “Our Days Are Numbered” – Five Roses

Five Roses - Country artists from Quebec

For the final song of the list, I’m changing it up a bit. “Our Days Are Numbered,” speaks more about making the best of the last few days of a vacation and wishing they had more time. 

This Canadian duo sings about all the things they still want to do within the last day they have together.

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The chorus is a countdown which fits perfect with the title and the mood of the song; and the lyrics really make you feel like you’re there in their shoes and don’t want to leave.

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