An Interview with Country Band Me and Mae

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Canadian country-rock band Me and Mae have released their latest single and music video for “Where the Good Times Roll”, and is being released across Canada to country radio this week.

Me and Mae are a fun country band that really know how to get the party started. This band is combining the traditional country sound with classic rock, and bringing it to the forefront of the current country music scene. When you’re listening to Me and Mae, you can hear some influences from of The Eagles, Zac Brown Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Allman Brothers.

We had the chance to connect with Me and Mae’s Shawn Meehan ahead of their radio tour, and talked to him about their single, the music video, and where they find inspiration.

Interview with Shawn Meehan from the Country Band Me and Mae

Front Porch: Thanks so much for joining us! We have to say, your new single “Where the Good Times Roll” is very refreshing and a great song to get in the mood for Summer. Tell us about the single, the inspiration behind the song, and what the recording process was like.

Me and Mae: Thank you! The song was inspired by a trip we took to California. We were invited to play at the worlds largest music trade show called NAMM. We were driving around the greater LA area checking out the sites and just having a great time and I started to hear the melody to the chorus in my head. The song went through different demo-ing stages. We recorded it a few times. We knew we had a song there but were never 100% happy with the feel. So we decided to take the song to producer Jordan Orbek and the rest is history, as they say!

Front Porch: Well it sounds great, so that was a clearly a good decision. Speaking of great, the music video for this song was released recently, and it’s getting some good traction on YouTube with more than 42k views at the time of this interview. Congrats – It’s a fun video! How fun was the filming? 

Me and Mae: It was a lot of fun! We were surrounded by friends and family! Great memories!

Front Porch: You’re about to make some new memories this Summer! You have some big shows coming up including performing at the Calgary Stampede. What are you most looking forward to, what can people expect to see when they come to a Me and Mae show?

Me and Mae: We are very excited about hitting the road! Playing live is the best part of being in a band! Looking forward to playing Gone Country July 20th! Its a special fundraiser to fight Cancer and I lost my Mom to cancer in 2014. We’ll also be shooting our next video at that show!!

Front Porch: That sounds like a fantastic cause, and a great show. Me and Mae is a very curious name – what’s the origin story for you all? Where did you meet, how did you form the band, and where did the name come from?

Me and Mae: We wanted the name to be 2 last names like “Fleetwood Mac”. The problem is most people mispronounce [Meehan]. They don’t realize the “h” is silent. So I figured we’d do a play on words. My last name sounds like “ Me and “ and Mae had a nice country sound to it. I also like that it’s grammatically incorrect… kinda rebellious lol

I started the band with a vision of having different singers, big back-up vocals and a cross over country rock sound like my favourite band the Eagles. I was also a fan of Walk off the Earth and wanted a country version of a band like that.

Front Porch: Clearly drawing inspiration from all kinds of music! What inspires you, or gets you in the mood/mindset to write? 

Me and Mae: Driving alone seems to trigger melody ideas. Driving in silence but cranking the imaginary radio in my head lol

Front Porch: Well it works! The country music genre has really evolved in the past few years, and has become much more approachable to the average listener – blending the lines of pop and country, or country and rock. What do you think about that, and what do you say to the people who are critical about this trend?

Me and Mae: We thinks it’s exciting!! It’s similar to the great era of the 70’s when big country artists were having big cross-over hits like Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers and Glen Campbell to name a few. We are heavily influenced by the sound of the 70’s!
Theres always going to be critics, we don’t pay attention to them lol

Front Porch: And finally, what are some songs and artists that you are really into right now?

Me and Mae: We love to crank Eric Church and sing along on those long drives to the next gig! We also listen to a lot of southern rock and country rock like Allman Bros, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Eagles!

Front Porch: All great tunes! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. We look forward to following you this Summer and beyond! 

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Music Video For “Where The Good Times Roll”

About the Country Band Me and Mae

Me and Mae, the brainchild of Shawn Meehan, is bringing back the old school, country-rock sound to a new generation. Armed with big vocals similar to Eagles, Zac Brown Band and Alabama. They were awarded the BCCMA Ray McCauley Horizon Award and nominated two years in a row for Group of the Year. Needless to say, they are prepared to take Canada by storm.

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