Get To Know Canadian Country Artist Adam Cousins

Canadian country artist Adam Cousins

Adam Cousins is a twenty-five year old musician hailing from Brussels, Ontario. He’s no stranger to the country lifestyle that country artists romanticize. Cousins grew up in a small town, surrounded by good music and the influence of a good work ethic.

Adam Cousins grew up listening to a variety of music.

His grandma and mom both sang in their church choir, and while not pressured to pursue music, was supported by his family when he decided to take interest in a new hobby. Cousins borrowed an acoustic guitar from a friend, taught himself some easy riffs, and was hooked.

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His parents gifted him an electric guitar and he had the opportunity to take lessons from Canadian Reggae artist and Juno Award winner, Lyndon John X. The interest in music continued to gain momentum, and Cousins decided to move to London.

He’s been working as an Electrical Engineering Technician as he worked on his songwriting and establishing himself as an artist.

Working with Emac Studies, and producer, Shawn Moore, he released his first EP, Dirt Road, in 2019. The EP was a traditional take on his upbringing. Listeners are treated to meaningful acoustics and tales of small town living, delivered with a traditional country style.

As Cousins has developed over the last two years, he’s spent time evolving his songwriting … taking time to tell a story in a meaningful, metaphorical way. His previous work was driven by observation, and he’s had an opportunity to learn from folks in the business and incorporate new skills into his songwriting. One thing he’s learned from industry-leaders, is that it takes hard work and making music a career isn’t certain.

The pandemic had definitely put a wrench in Cousins’ original plans.

He was booked every weekend between March and October of 2020, and then the world stopped. None of that was possible. He says things happen for a reason, and he’s been in this position, among many artists.

Adam Cousins’ Musical Influences

Cousins grew up listening to Darius Rucker, Kenny Chesney, and Alan Jackson. He’s heavily influenced by 80s, 90s and early 00s country. Today he listens to some of the classics, but doesn’t discriminate by genre. He’s currently listening to Dean Lewis, Lewis Capaldi, and Quinn XCII. His playlists always have some Luke Combs, Brad Paisley, and Chris Stapleton.

stream the latest single from Adam Cousins

Cousins is looking forward to lots of songwriting, putting out another single, and hopefully playing some shows in the summer … as long as it’s safe. He’s grateful to everyone who supports up and coming indie artists. He really appreciates all of the love and support.

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Stream Adam Cousins’ Latest Single “Riding The Waves”

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