“Only A Livin'”: Eric Jackson & the Willow River Band Deliver an Anthem for Prioritizing Well-Being

Eric Jackson

In a world where work often takes precedence over personal well-being, Eric Jackson & the Willow River Band, featuring Jessie T, have released a powerful new song titled “Only A Livin'”.

This captivating anthem resonates with those who have experienced the hardships of layoffs and burnout, highlighting the importance of placing ourselves and our passions before our jobs.

The Making Of “Only A Livin'”

Eric Jackson and our friend Jessie T came together to create this heartfelt track.

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Inspired by his own layoff experience in November, Eric realized that he had been prioritizing his job over his own mental and emotional health. He soon discovered that when times became tough, the loyalty he had shown to his job meant very little.

What initially began as a therapeutic conversation between friends soon transformed into an empowering song that reminds us all of the significance of putting ourselves first.

Eric Jackson passionately explains, “‘Only A Livin” is an anthem for all the workers who are tired of burning themselves out at their 9-5. It’s about putting yourself first and realizing that your well-being needs to always be priority #1!”

His words resonate deeply with anyone who has ever felt trapped in the relentless cycle of work, reminding us that our happiness and fulfillment should never be sacrificed for a job.

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About Eric Jackson & The River Willow Band

Based out of Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada, Eric Jackson & the Willow River Band are known for their exceptional songwriting, which delves into current world issues, real-life experiences, and moments of pure joy.

Their music blends elements of country, folk, and easy-listening, showcasing strong vocals alongside captivating mandolin, banjo, and classic guitar riffs.

Eric, a Métis artist, is also dedicated to connecting with his indigenous heritage and actively participates in his community. This connection to his roots infuses his music with a unique depth and perspective, adding an extra layer of meaning to the powerful messages conveyed through his songs.

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“Only A Livin'” is a testament to Eric Jackson & the Willow River Band’s ability to capture the essence of shared experiences and convey them in an accessible and relatable manner. The song’s warm and inviting melodies draw listeners in, while its heartfelt lyrics touch on the universal struggle of finding a balance between work and personal well-being.

As you listen to “Only A Livin’,” let the music remind you of the importance of self-care and cherishing the relationships and passions that bring you joy. This empowering anthem serves as a reminder that our well-being should always be a top priority, no matter the circumstances.

So, take a moment to embrace the inspiring sounds of Eric Jackson & the Willow River Band ft. Jessie T as they encourage us all to prioritize our own happiness. Let “Only A Livin'” be the soundtrack to a life where our well-being is paramount, and may it serve as a powerful reminder that we are deserving of a balanced and fulfilling existence.


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