Owen Riegling’s Debut EP Empty Room Drops Today

Owen Riegling’s freshman EP, Empty Room hit streaming platforms today. This is the first multi-track independent release from the Ontario-based musician, after releasing a handful of singles in 2019 and early 2020.

Riegling has combined his love for outlaw country with some soft ballads for the 6-part EP. Drawing on his small-town, rural Ontario experience, Empty Room features hard work, love, and dedication to a life of working hard and living well. The carefully-crafted lyrics, paired with thoughtful acoustics debut Owen Riegling’s unique indie-country sound.

The first track, “Makes Me Feel Alive” is a raw introduction to the EP. It’s twangy, it’s upbeat, and you really see that outlaw influence.

She’s My Summertime” brings us back to the softer side of Riegling’s vocals, like we saw in his 2019 single, “The Call”. It’s a great track to get you through the final days of summer 2020 (what we had of it anyways) and certainly an adoring love song.

“Smoke Man”, Riegling’s first independent release in 2019 sits at track three. It gained a lot of notoriety locally with its initial release. It’s a great track to bring some familiarity for listeners.

“Skyline” is another love song- a ballad of admiration. The sultry acoustics really pair well with the romantic lyrics. (This one is my personal favourite- I was hooked the first time I heard it)

“Drive On” is a track we can all relate to. We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re all on the same big road. “Drive On” is the best story on this release, really giving us that picture of working hard, winding your way through life, and enjoying the little things.

“Old Dirt Roads” was originally released in October 2019, but polishes off the EP as the final track. This ode to his rural Ontario roots polishes off Riegling’s introduction to listeners, old and new.

The Front Porch team will be listening to Empty Room on repeat for the foreseeable future. Make sure to check out Owen Riegling on Twitter and Instagram, and anywhere you can stream music.

Stream Empty Room By Owen Riegling

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