Owen Riegling Signs with Universal Music Canada and Releases Debut Single “Love (The Sweater Song)”

Owen Riegling cover art for "Love (the sweater song)"

It’s a big day for an artist we have been following for years … Universal Music Canada has announced that they have signed Owen Riegling! The news is paired with the release of a brand new single “Love (The Sweater Song)”

With his unique style and heartfelt lyrics, Owen is set to make waves in the industry.

His debut single with Universal Music Canada, “Love (The Sweater Song),” showcases his talent as a singer-songwriter and promises to captivate listeners with its catchy melodies and relatable themes.

“Love (The Sweater Song)”: A Song That Captures the Essence of New Love

Owen Riegling’s new, “Love (The Sweater Song),” is a testament to his skills as both a songwriter and performer.

The track tells a relatable story of the exhilarating journey that accompanies new love. The infectious melody, combined with Owen’s heartfelt vocals, creates an irresistible blend that will resonate with listeners of all ages.

Owen Joined Us On The Porch For One of Our Most Streamed Episodes Yet

When asked about the song, Owen shared his personal connection to “Love (The Sweater Song).”

He revealed that he wrote it in his parents’ garage, sitting alone with his thoughts. Reflecting on the questions and intense emotions that arise when falling in love.

Owen crafted a song that blends a sense of fun with a slightly different sonic direction.

Watch The Music Video For Owen’s New Song

Owen Riegling’s Songwriting Journey

Owen has been on our radar for years now.

In fact, we started writing about Owen and his music back in 2019. Before he even had photos to use for promotion!

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His star has been rising since then.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Owen wrote and performed the theme song for our podcast On The Porch with Front Porch Music? How cool!?

Last Summer he was crowned the winner of the 2022 Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase, and his life has been a whirlwind since.

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As a songwriter, Owen Riegling possesses a unique ability to convey emotions and tell stories through his music.

“Love (The Sweater Song)” is a prime example of his songwriting chops.

Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and reflections on love, Owen captures the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany the early stages of a romantic relationship.

From the excitement and curiosity to the doubts and uncertainties, the song encapsulates the universal feelings we all experience when embarking on a new love interest.

Signing with Universal Music Canada

In tandem with the release of this song comes the news of him signing a deal with Universal Music Canada.

This collaboration opens doors to wider exposure and exciting opportunities for Owen’s music to reach a broader audience. The partnership reflects the label’s belief in Owen’s talent and his ability to make a significant impact in the country music landscape.

Owen Riegling’s signing with Universal Music Canada and the release of his debut single, “Love (The Sweater Song),” mark a significant milestone in his music career.

As listeners embrace the infectious melody and relatable lyrics, Owen’s star is set to rise even higher in the Canadian country music scene.

Keep an eye out for this promising artist as he continues to make his mark on the industry.

Stream Owen’s Debut Single With Universal Music

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