Lemon Cash Release New Single “Breakup Song”, Ink Deal With Sakamoto Music

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Ottawa brother duo Cory and Jeff Papineau, best known to the Canadian country world as Lemon Cash, are kicking off summer in the best way; with their brand new single, “Breakup Song” and a recording deal with Sakamoto Music.

With a busy schedule of live performances and an eagerly anticipated debut album on the horizon, Lemon Cash is ready to take the country music scene by storm.

“Breakup Song”: Breakthrough Single

“Breakup Song,” co-written by Jeff and Cory Papineau, country artist Wes Mack, and veteran lyricist/producer/musician Dan Swinimer, captures the bittersweet emotions of a relationship ending prematurely. Cleverly penned, it’s about the relationship ending before the song could even be written.

Relatable … we’ve all been there.

Optimistic about a new relationship, and then blindsided by the end before it could even evolve. 

“Breakup Song” follows the 2022 releases of “It Ain’t Me It’s You”, “Another Chance”, “Locked Up”, and “Someone”.

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Known for their playful banter and humour, Lemon Cash knows how to bring the party, whether they’re singing a party anthem, or a breakup song. They somehow manage to put a smile on the listener’s faces.

Lemon Cash Brought The Party With Us On The Porch – Listen Now

Signing With Sakamoto Music And More

Signing with Sakamoto Agency last year, the record deal with Sakamoto Music enhances their already great relationship.

“We owe it all to the Sakamoto team for believing in us and giving us this huge opportunity!” says Lemon Cash. “We’ve been working with them for the past couple of years and have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for them.  We know our music is in good hands and can hardly wait to get more music out!”

The Sakamoto team is also thrilled to continue their work with the brother band. 

“Brothers Cory and Jeff have it all when it comes to songwriting, performing, and bringing that certain energy that ignites audiences. We can’t wait to share their music with country fans everywhere,” says Joelle May, Director of Promotions & Artist Services at Sakamoto Music.

Fans can catch their captivating live show at the Renfrew Musical Festival, the Stevensville Ram Rodeo, and the Richmond Fair, among other venues. 

More About Lemon Cash

Growing up, Cory and Jeff found solace in music during challenging times. From a young age, the brothers began singing, writing, and recording together, channeling their experiences and emotions into their creative endeavors. After exploring different musical genres, Lemon Cash found their true calling in country music, drawing inspiration from their upbringing and the genre they had always loved.

With their authentic storytelling, infectious energy, and undeniable talent, the Ottawa brothers have quickly gained fans and industry recognition. As they continue to make their mark on the country music landscape, Lemon Cash’s debut album, along with their collaboration with Sakamoto Music, promises to be a monumental milestone in their career. 

Keep an eye out for this talented duo as they continue to shine and captivate audiences with their music that resonates with the heart and soul of country music.

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