Shantaia’s Debut Album ‘Exes and Friends’ is a Nostalgic Journey Through Life’s Ups and Downs

Shantaia "Exes and Friends"

Canadian singer/songwriter Shantaia has officially released her debut full length album Exes and Friends today!

Shantaia starts the album strong with “Curfew”. This is a great song to listen to with all of your friends and reminisce on all the memories you had growing up together.

In this track she sings about how she used to go out and party until after her curfew with her friends and now as she’s older she spends it indoors with a glass of wine. When we were younger, times were much simpler and more fun and this song reminds us of those great times!

Midway through the album we have “Damaged Goods” and let me tell you, this song is the one that’s going to be replaying in your head! This song is a great reminder that no one is perfect. We all went through something throughout our journey in life and no matter what we were thrown with, “we’re all damaged but it’s all good.”

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The album title Exes and Friends is track 8 in the debut album and this one is definitely the tear jerker if you’re going through a break up. While going through a break up, it’s difficult to fully cut off contact and sometimes you’re stuck in a position of wanting to leave each other fully alone or try to be friends after the relationship. This track goes through the difficulties of keeping them as a friend after going through the break up and being so vulnerable with someone. (Who is cutting the onions?!)

We Had Shantaia Join Us On The Porch To Chat About Exes and Friends

To wrap up the album, Shantaia gave her listeners an acoustic version of “Had A Good Weekend”. This would be a great track to play while you’re having a bonfire with your friends on a nice spring or summer night, specifically on the weekend!

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Shantaia hopes that this album can help her listeners through any part of their lives, whether it be through a break up or have it be an anthem to their life. “Exes and Friends is a themed concept album – you have the break up songs for the exes, the party songs for your friends – and a couple that hit both topics,” Shantaia shares. “I started working on the album and the concept over two years ago, and have put my heart and soul into this record. It represents a new chapter, or era, if you will, of myself as an artist and a songwriter, and I’m so proud of everything it’s done for me already!”

Shantaia stepped into this new era of her music in 2022 with her then single “Broken to Brand New” which can also be found in this album. That single alone gained over one million streams and awarded her first Top 40 radio hit. From there she released another single, “Hung Over You”. Both tracks received critical acclaim from the likes of Taste of Country, CMT, EARMILK, and CBC among others.

We are super stoked and looking forward to Shantaia’s newest venture! Be sure to stream the album on all platforms, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with more news.

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