Top Canadian Country Songs – March 13 to March 19, 2018

Lindsay Ell With a Guitar

The top songs in Canadian country music this week are SO refreshing… for the most part. We have a couple of returning singles, but a few new additions to the list of top played singles including the latest from Lindsay Ell.

Here’s the list of the top 5 songs at Canadian country music this week:

5. Meghan Patrick – Country Music Made Me Do It

Meghan Patrick music video screenshot


It’s so exciting to see this single from Meghan Patrick continue to dominate as one of the top singles at Canadian country radio for another week. “Country Music Made Me Do It” is a killer single off of her album Country Music Made Me Do It. Have you heard this album in its entirety yet? It’s a total piece of art – exactly what a country album should be! Read through the review of Meghan Patrick’s album Country Music Made Me Do It.


4. Brett Kissel – Anthem


We’ve said it before. This new song from Brett Kissel is absolutely fantastic! It’s such a departure from his usual sound and tempo that it has us excited. It is quite different, so his current fanbase may not love it, but it is going to do wonders for advancing his career and expanding his fanbase to include people that may not have noticed him before. Watch the music video – which is also a departure.


3. Andrew Hyatt – Do It With You

Andrew Hyatt


This is the first time we’ve reported Andrew Hyatt as having a top song in Canadian country music. Andrew Hyatt is from Sudbury and spent his time in the Sudbury Nickel mine. During this time he started writing songs until he got his big break. In 2017, Andrew released his critically acclaimed full-length debut album “Iron & Ashes”, featuring his breakthrough top ten hit single, “On Me”. This new one “Do It With You” from this Sudbury native is definitely a good one! You’re going to love it.


2. James Barker Band – Good Together


James Barker Band can’t seem to release a single without it exploding on the charts. It’s like King Midas touches every one of their singles before they get released. It also helps that they are just the nicest guys! Recently, the boys appeared on the Marilyn Denis show to perform their latest single “Good Together”. Check it out for yourself.


1. Lindsay Ell – Criminal


And the number 1 song this week in Canadian country music goes to Lindsay Ell and her new single “Criminal”! It’s SO great to finally see Lindsay hit the top of the charts. She’s killing it right now! She’ve even getting international recognition with airplay in the states and across Sirius XM The Highway. Lindsay is one of the best guitarists in the industry. Not just the best female guitarist in the industry, but possibly the best person in the industry. This is the official audio for her latest single – check it out!


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The data for the top selling songs in Canada comes from Neilson SoundScan.

In country music, the Front Porch has long been a place of reflection. A place where you can look at the life you have inside that front door. A place where time almost seems to stand still, where you can get away. It’s also a place where you can go to observe the world as it passes by you. To think about your place out there beyond the driveway.

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