Amanda Kind Joins Us To Chat About “Rebel Spirit”: Her Latest Empowering Single

Country Artist Amanda Kind

Amanda Kind’s latest single “Rebel Spirit” has been allowing listeners to get rowdy in the best way possible. Released on International Women’s Day, everyone listening is absolutely loving this new track.

Growing up around different examples of strong women in her life, like her mom and aunt, she found how to use her voice and be a strong woman herself. Kind takes this empowerment throughout her life and uses it to empower other women, like her nieces.

She found that at a young age, girls go through a patch where their self-esteem lowers and they aren’t in the greatest mind-space. You can see that in her music video for “Rebel Spirit” she really wants all the young girls to dance and sing it out and to reclaim their power as society has way too high of an expectation for them.

Watch The Music Video For “Rebel Spirit”

“Because I began to play the song live, incredibly, little girls will get out of the audience at festivals and come in front of the stage and dance during the song in a way that was so cute and special,” Kind said as she described how people connected to her newest track.

Several people have gone up to her and asked where the song could be found as she was performing it while it was unreleased.

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This pushed her to put the song out earlier than initially anticipated.

To celebrate the release, she had an International Women’s Day concert with a few other country artists which was sold out with women and everyone was having the time of their lives!

“It was a wild night, it was so fun! It made me realize women need so many opportunities to be together and to celebrate being women. And I said to the crowd that night that typically on International Women’s Day, we’re asked to come to conferences to be better. And we don’t need to be better. Why can’t we just get together, hang out and celebrate? And it seemed like everyone really resonated with that,” she expressed. Kind also said how we’ll most likely see another International Women’s Day show next year, and I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely excited about that!

If you want to feel empowered, make sure you stream “Rebel Spirit” which is available on all platforms and watch the amazing music video on YouTube!

Also, be sure to follow Amanda Kind on Instagram or Facebook for any updates!

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