Craig Silver And Annika Release Cheerful Christmas Song “Mistletoe & Holly”

Craig Silver and Annika release Christmas song "Mistletoe and Holly"

Craig Silver and Annika have a cheerful Christmas duet out, called “Mistletoe & Holly”.

“Mistletoe & Holly” captures the spirit of the holiday season in a perfect nutshell; the anticipation of the season, holiday traditions, and Christmas decor with the wish for it to never have to end.

Annika’s voice complements Craig’s seamlessly for a peaceful but powerful duet.

On releasing an original Christmas song, Silver says, “I love Christmas. It’s always been a time where it doesn’t matter what’s happened throughout the year, that’s when family is together.”

Reflecting on time spent with family and his own holiday traditions, Craig’s love for the Christmas season shines through in “Mistletoe & Holly”.

The joyful tone of the song comes from a memorable place for Craig.

“My parents always went out of their way to make Christmas the best time of the year.”

Annika is a powerhouse vocalist to be reckoned with. Craig first came across her performing in her former duet, Leaving Thomas at Nashville North at the Calgary Stampede. He thought if he ever had the opportunity to work on a project with a female duet, she’d be his first choice.

When his manager brought a Christmas song to his attention, he also happened to bring the suggestion of Annika Cheyne. It was a no-brainer for Silver. He was happy to work on this song in the studio in-person, given the limitations.

It came together so well, and the team couldn’t be happier with “Mistletoe & Holly”.

“Mistletoe & Holly” was written and arranged, and  by Don Sommerville, John Hall, Justin Kudding, and Craig Silver. It was also produced and mixed by Spencer Cheyne.

If you’re looking for some new songs to mix into your usual Christmas playlist, “Mistletoe & Holly” will offer a heartwarming, festive, calming sound to mix in.

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