Teigen Gayse Lets You “Blame The Wine” In Her Breakout Hit Single

Teigen Gayse "Blame The Wine"

Teigen Gayse’s single “Blame The Wine” is the perfect song for when you’re going out wine-tasting with your best friends at your favourite vineyard!

It playfully goes over the wild and crazy things that can happen when you have a little … or a lot of wine, which is perfectly portrayed in the track’s accompanying music video!

The music video was filmed at O’Rourke’s Peak Cellars in British Columbia and she sent out special “Blame the Wine” wine to all of those who believed in her earlier in her career. (Fun fact: you can catch a glimpse of what the bottle looked like in the music video!)

Watch The Music Video For “Blame The Wine”

Gayse wrote this song in under an hour with her producer and this was the incredible result.

Released August 6, 2021, “Blame The Wine” has been on the Country Music Billboard charts consistently since then! It was also the 3rd Most Downloaded Country Single in Canada and was #4 Most Active Indies, according to Yangaroo.

This one of a kind track can also be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music!

Who Is Teigen Gayse?

Teigen Gayse  is a Metis country singer-songwriter from Chetwynd, British Columbia. Since 2016, Gayse writes about a range of deep and relatable experiences, like her love life, in a way that takes listeners on a journey with her.

Metis country singer Teigen Gayse

She settled in Kelowna to pursue an audio engineering degree and reach for her music career. Since recording and releasing her debut album during the pandemic, she instantly became a music industry favourite.

Teigen Joined Us For A Chat On The Porch: Listen Here

Teigen aims to inspire females everywhere to follow their dreams, big or small, and to step into their own power to achieve all they want.

Teigen took part in Country Music Week and took part in her first CCMA Awards in London this year.

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Be sure to connect with Teigen Gayse to stay updated on any upcoming news and singles, like “Hey Christmas”, on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

Stream “Blame The Wine” By Teigen Gayse

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