Craig Silver’s Latest Single “Share These Dreams”

Craig Silver and his new single "Share These Dreams"

Nova Scotia country artist Craig Silver is back with a fantastic single “Share These Dreams”. It’s a single we’re very excited to introduce you to.

This single has a great story. It’s about thinking through life, the path that’s led one to where they are today. For Silver, it’s about looking at those highlights and defining moments, and remembering the mistakes and what’s been learned from them. What it comes down to, is ‘sharing these dreams,’ having someone to share life’s experiences with. The message hits home for him.

“I’ve had all these experiences in my life, and not had anyone to share it with.”

Creating this single was a process for Craig … Silver started working with the song’s concept in 2008. After travelling through the United States, a stop in Montana to admire the scenery, Silver felt an emptiness and longing for someone to share his life experiences with.

He wrote the lyrics and then set the song away for quite some time. In 2020, they started to bring the song back to life.

The song’s final cut is inspired by “The One That Got Away”, released by Hunter Hayes earlier this year.

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“Share These Dreams” has been on its own journey to the final release, just as Craig Silver has been on a journey as he worked his way into the country music genre.

While Silver is the first to admit he’s exceptionally critical of his own work, he’s so happy with the story that came to be through “Share These Dreams.”

Be sure to stream “Share These Dreams” on Apple Music and Spotify. You can also follow Craig Silver on Facebook and Instagram.

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