High Valley Is Doing “Whatever It Takes” In Hottest New Single

"Whatever It Takes" High Valley

From Blumenort, Alberta, High Valley released their newest single “Whatever It Takes” on November 12, 2021, and it’s one that will be on repeat for days if you haven’t heard it yet!

The track is one that emphasizes a long-lasting love. This love song isn’t your typical slow ballad, yet it’s much more upbeat and will have you dancing in your room.

Not only are the lyrics about love, but Rempel added his own personal touch to the meaning of the song. The line “swing a hammer, climb a ladder” refers to the house flipping projects Rempel and his wife have.

The track doesn’t have an official music video, but the accompanying lyric video is so stunning, it should be the music video. You can watch it right below! The images found in the video is line work done in the most beautiful way and, like the track, it’s not complex.

Watch The Lyric Video For “Whatever It Takes”

More About High Valley

In 2007, High Valley released their first album, Broken Borders, as a brotherly trio.

Brad, Curtis and Bryan Rempel played together until March 2014 when Bryan decided to leave. Brad and Curtis played together until June 2021, as Curtis parted ways with High Valley as well to focus more on a business venture with his wife. The band now consists of Brad and the rest of the High Valley gang.

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On December 18, 2021, the band excitedly reported through an Instagram post they were on the cover of Spotify’s All About Country playlist.

In an interview with American Songwriter, Rempel states that we should be expecting a full album in the spring of 2022.

Be sure to listen to High Valley on Apple Music or Spotify, and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok to stay up to date on the newest tracks to come!

Stream “Whatever It Takes” By High Valley

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