Karli June and Scott Chesak Talk About New Single “Say Too Much”

"Say Too Much" from Karli June

It feels just like yesterday that we were introduced to Canadian country artist Karli June at the 2018 Boots & Hearts Music Festival. Today, she releases her latest single “Say Too Much”, and we couldn’t be more excited!

“Say Too Much” is a great upbeat song that perfectly features Karli’s beautiful and unique voice. This song is a powerful, foot stomping anthem that communicates a positive message that anyone struggling to remain true to themselves while being open to others in life and in love will be able to relate to.

Stream "Say Too Much" by Karli June

When listening to this single the first thing that comes to mind is Karli’s unique vocal tone. There’s something in the tone of her voice that is mildly similar to Sia’s – only country. It’s really great!

“Say Too Much” was co-written and produced by Scott Chesak. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he’s no stranger to the music industry. He is a member of the American rock band All American Rejects. This project marked Scott’s first foray in the country music genre, and we have to say, the genre works well for him.

We had the chance to chat with both Karli and Scott about this new single and what it was like to work with one another. It was so great to be able to catch up with Karli after a couple years, and great to speak with Scott and learn more about him and his thoughts on the country genre. We connected with these two separately, and you’ll find both interviews below.

Stream “Say Too Much” by Karli June

Interview with Karli June About “Say Too Much”

Front Porch: Karli, it’s so great to have you back on the Front Porch! It seems like just yesterday we were chatting backstage at the 2018 Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase. So much has happened behind the scenes for you since then! When you look back on that experience, what goes through your head? What memories come to mind?

Karli June: So great to be back with you all again — Thanks so much for having me! It absolutely does feel just like yesterday. Being part of the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase was a dream come true. I specifically remember the feeling of driving into the artist entrance and just feeling so grateful to be part of such an amazing festival. I had attended the festival the year before and it was very surreal to be playing the year after! It’s amazing what can happen in a year’s time. Meeting the other artists was so much fun and so inspiring… and of course all of the people attending. No matter what the festival, that will always be my favourite part! Everyone just loves music and is so excited about every artist from new to seasoned. I love that!

Karli June performing at Boots & Hearts 2018

FP: Congrats on your new single “Say Too Much”. It’s a really fantastic upbeat song. We understand that you felt an immediate connection with this song. What was it about this song that captivated you?

KJ: Thank you! I was instantly drawn in when I heard the anthemic chorus, and connected with the story of the song pretty quickly. I am guilty of wearing my heart on my sleeve, and I love how this song depicted that so perfectly. It was so fun to record! We had a blast.

FP: One of the writers and the producer on this song is Scott Chesak – our audience knows him as a member of All American Rejects. Tell us about working with Scott. What was his process like?

KJ: If you would have told me a year ago I would be working with one of the members of All American Rejects on a country project, I definitely wouldn’t have believed you! I absolutely loved working with Scott. He is so creative, and brought so many elements to the song that I had never thought of. It was amazing to be pushed outside of my comfort zone and to get to learn from someone not only very successful in his craft, but also with such humility. For him to take me on as a new artist was such a blessing. Fraser Hill and I brought the country elements, and Scott rounded it out with the pop beats and vibe that it has. I think it was a great collaboration!

FP: We hear that you have plans to release an EP in 2020. What can we expect to hear from you on this piece of work? What kind of things inspired you for this EP?

KJ: I do! I am beyond excited about this. I have been working really hard on just writing about things that are important to me: from things I’ve learned, to my upbringing on the farm and in my hometown, to love, and so many other things that have crossed my path over the years. I want to write from the heart because I think that is what connects with listeners the most – and I am so excited about a project that I feel truly captures that! I can’t wait for the other songs to come out. Lots to look forward to!

FP: The country music genre has really evolved in the past few years, and has become much more approachable to the average listener – blending the lines of pop and country, or country and rock. You worked with an artist who is traditionally a rocker, so we’re curious to know what you think about that trend?

KJ: Absolutely. I was raised on country music being from a farm in a small town, it was most of what I listened to — but I know that wasn’t the case for a lot of people my age, especially if you weren’t from the country! I love that now the genre is something that so many people can connect to. Country Music is all about the story and I think that these other creative elements can only make the story stronger. I love it and I can’t wait to see the genre continue to thrive and reach more people! I might be biased but I think everyone should love country music (haha).

FP: Quickly – what are your 5 songs that you currently can’t get enough of?


  1. “More Hearts Than Mine” (Ingrid Andress)
  2. “Won’t Always Be Like This” (Carly Pearce)
  3. “God and Country Music” (George Straight)
  4. “The Bones” (Maren Morris)
  5. “One Man Band” (Old Dominion)

FP: Thanks so much Karli! We can’t wait to hear what’s next for you, and to catch up again soon. Let’s not let it be another two years.

Interview With Scott Chesak from All American Rejects

Front Porch: Scott, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us about the new single “Say Too Much” which you worked on with Karli June. First of all, it’s a really fantastic song! Tell us a bit about the song – what is the inspiration behind it?

Scott Chesak: Thank you! I brought the guitar riff to a writing session with Hailey Collier and Francci Richard, who co-wrote it. When they heard it they had the idea to write a song about how vulnerable you feel when you’re in love. Hailey came up with the title “Say Too Much” and we built the story from there.

FP: Country seems to be a bit of a newer genre for you. Have you always been a fan, or what brought you to explore songwriting and production in this genre? Was this song written with the country genre in mind?

SC: I’m from Austin, TX but I’ve honestly never listened to that much country haha. John Prine is a big hero of mine but other than that I haven’t really explored the genre until now. “Say Too Much” was originally written as a pop song. I sent it to Karli’s A&R, Fraser Hill, and he immediately called me with the idea of turning it a country song. I had never thought of it before but it made total sense.

Scott Chesak and Karli June

FP: Karli June is an awesome talent, and the production is so tight – it feels like the two of you worked really well together. How did you two connect, and what was the creative process like with Karli?

SC: Once Fraser had the idea of turning it into a country song, next thing I knew I was on a plane to Toronto to work with Karli. It was a really great experience. Karli knows who she is and what she wants her music to sound like. It’s always a pleasure working with someone that has a clear vision while also being a great performer.

FP: She is a great performer, and we love this new single that you worked together on. Thanks so much for joining us on the Front Porch!

In country music, the Front Porch has long been a place of reflection. A place where you can look at the life you have inside that front door. A place where time almost seems to stand still, where you can get away. It’s also a place where you can go to observe the world as it passes by you. To think about your place out there beyond the driveway.

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