Canadian Country Duo Rumour Mill Talk About New Single “Home”

Canadian country duo Rumour Mill have released a brand new single called “Home” and we had the chance to connect with them to talk about this great new song, and their upcoming EP.

Rumour Mill is a country duo comprised of best friends Aline Daigle and Anna Katarina. Rumour Mill integrates both classical and jazz techniques in their modern sound, resulting in songs that are intellectual and creative. Their new single “Home” was written, recorded, produced and mixed/engineered by the duo themselves, which is really impressive, and not common.

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“Home” has a completely nostalgic feel to it. From the opening, it sounds like a music box that has been opened. This gives the song a touch of whimsy that’s hard not to relate to. When the guitars and vocals come in, it’s hard not to close your eyes and picture the place that you call home, and the people that make you feel like you’re there.

Not only is Rumour Mill incredibly talented, they’re also really down to earth. We had the chance to connect with them to learn more about this song, and their upcoming EP. Take a listen to “Home”, then check out the interview down below.

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Interview With Canadian Country Duo Rumour Mill

Front Porch Music: It’s so great to have you join us up here on the Front Porch! We’re really excited to be able to introduce you and your music to our audience. Since this is your first time joining us, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Rumour Mill: Hello! We are so excited to be here, thanks for having us. We are Rumour Mill – Aline Daigle and Anna Katarina. Originally from Nelson BC and have been Vancouver-based for the past two years, but are currently on a musical adventure in New Orleans! We’ve been friends since birth, graduated high school and college together, and have been working musicians and business partners since 2016. Our debut album Daylight’s Free was released in April 2019. Our newest (and most exciting!) project is our brand-new EP Gone With The Wine, which being released this winter. It is written, recorded, mixed and produced 100% by us and features some of our favourite Vancouver musicians. This Indie EP is a delicious cocktail of pop, folk and cinematic soundscapes. “Home”, the first single from our new work, is already available everywhere for your listening pleasure!

FP: Congrats on your new single “Home”. It’s a really fantastic song that feels familiar and whimsical. It feels like a song that comes out of a music box – which gives a sense of nostalgia. Can you tell us about the song, what inspired it?

RM: Thank you! Now that you say it, it really does feel like a song from a music box. We both have one of our Grandma’s music boxes…. maybe we should sample them for future recordings! “Home” was inspired after moving to Vancouver in the middle of winter and really missing home. The idea behind the song is that we can find a true feeling of home within someone we love, rather than a physical place. Sometimes we get caught up in working too hard and constantly trying to better our situations. We go to great lengths to accomplish goals to build a better life instead of appreciating the home we already have. “We don’t have to work so hard, we don’t have to go so far” – because home really is where the heart is.

Country duo Rumour Mill from BC

FP: You two created this single from beginning to end. From writing it, recording it, and even mixing it. This project is truly a labour of love. What was the creative process like – is there an aspect of the creative process that you like the most?

RM: This project definitely has been labour of love – a ton of work! We are so proud of the music we have created and can’t wait to share it with the world. Each part of the creative process has its own joys and challenges: it’s hard to say which part we like the most. It’s rewarding moving throughout the creative process from start to finish because we learn so much every time. Every song is a teacher of its own. When you create something from the ground up, you get renewed appreciation for each step of the process, and figure out what to do differently next time! Currently, if we had to choose one aspect of the process, writing would be the most appealing – but it’s likely because we’ve been so focused on recording and we are looking forward to getting back to the root of songwriting!

FP: We hear that you have plans to release an EP in 2020. What can we expect to hear from you on this piece of work? What kind of things inspired you for this EP?

RM: The last few years have been full of ups and downs for us both. We’ve loved, lost, experienced heartbreak, traveled, moved multiple times…. Our first EP (released April 2019) is a collection of whimsical, fun, adventurous songs. This one lies a little closer our hearts. You can expect a moodier sound that will (hopefully!) leave you wanting more.

FP: Quickly – we would love to know the kinds of songs that inspire you. what are your 5 songs that you’re currently can’t get enough of?

RM: There are two of us, we threw in a couple extra!

  • “Bluebird” – Miranda Lambert
  • “Tell Me When It’s Over” – Sheryl Crow & Chris Stapleton
  • “Light On” – Maggie Rogers
  • “Helplessly Hoping” – Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • “Bones” – Maren Morris
  • “Big Bamboo” – Any version
  • “Something” – The Bros. Landreth

All great song! Thanks so much for joining us on the Front Porch. We can’t wait to hear what’s next for you.

In country music, the Front Porch has long been a place of reflection. A place where you can look at the life you have inside that front door. A place where time almost seems to stand still, where you can get away. It’s also a place where you can go to observe the world as it passes by you. To think about your place out there beyond the driveway.

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