Gonna Be Sippin’ “Lemonade” with Sarah Wickett

Sarah Wickett

We’ve got another track to put on your summer playlist!

Born and raised in Ontario, Sarah Wickett released her latest track “Lemonade” and this is a track you don’t want to sleep on!

The track begins with a small giggle and Wickett saying “it’s kinda sexy” which instantly captures your attention and you want to know what this sexy thing she’s talking about is. Going through the track you know she’s talking about the guy she’s seeing or dating.

Wickett has vocals that match the melody perfectly. It’s genuinely like butter and the flow of it works wonders.

The visualizer for the track was incredibly done as well. And if you’re looking for the lyrics for the track, they’re in there, too (which was a really cool addition)! You can check that out below:

Be sure to check out the track on all streaming platforms and to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to keep up to date with any other singles and news!

More About Sarah Wickett

Born with a natural gift for singing and songwriting, Sarah chased her dream to become an artist and left Beaverton, Ontario to go to Toronto to pursue it. Her talent and determination quickly got the attention of the music industry and began to perform at various fairs and festivals.

Wickett has a strong love for Punjab culture. Fuelled by her passion, Sarah began taking Punjabi speaking, singing, and Bhangra dance lessons, to create a genre-defying musical blend of Desi Pop-Country. The move to create such a musical blend led her to make history by becoming the first North American country singer to record a bilingual (Punjabi /English) mashup called “Accent” featuring Punjabi artist, Rahul Bains. The song has since become her most-streamed track, surpassing 400,000 streams!

Sarah plans to release a variety of Desi Pop-Country songs with Punjabi and Bollywood artists to reflect her love for the culture by merging them together.

Stream “Lemonade” By Sarah Wickett

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