Nicole Sumerlyn’s Latest Single “Hostage” Hits Radio!

Nicole Sumerlyn "Hostage"

“Hostage” is the latest single from Vancouver-based country artist Nicole Sumerlyn.

Sumerlyn pulls you in with captivating, moody vocals, transporting you right into the deep, emotional feelings that inspire the song’s story.

“Hostage” comes from an honest place for Nicole, reflecting on a past relationship.

“This song is about being trapped by your own emotions and being afraid to show your deepest feelings in a relationship that’s out of balance. When you want more from someone that you ultimately can’t have, you’ll pretend it’s all okay, even as it tears you apart.”

Showcasing a maturity and growth in her own sound, Nicole Sumerlyn brings listeners to a deeper, more personal story.

Review of “Hostage” By Nicole Sumerlyn

The listening experience is built around a moody, almost haunting disposition. “Hostage” is a great example of carefully blending lyric and sound to truly deliver a cohesive final product.

Right from my first listening of “Hostage” I entered this listening experience completely drawn in.

What makes this song so good for me is the listening experience is so whole.

Nicole Sumerlyn

You don’t have to dart your attention around the lyrics, music, and the mood elements, because they travel through those two minutes and forty five seconds completely together.

The story is relatable, carefully detailed, and delivered so passionately through Nicole’s voice that you cannot help but be pulled in. And then the chorus hits you.

“You’re holding me hostage, you don’t even know it. Been hurting and crying, you think I’m fine and you’re killing me slowly. It’s so damn lonely. Stuck in your prison, you’re keeping me hidden. Holding me hostage.”

Co-written with Chard Morrison and produced by Taylor Allum, “Hostage” makes for a moody, bluesy country song that you won’t be able to help but connect to in some way.

Stay tuned for the official music video for “Hostage”, coming soon!

More About Nicole

With already over a decade in music, Nicole Sumerlyn has had some amazing experiences.

She opened for Brett Kissel at just 15 years old, playing the Bluebird Café, being recognized as one of the Global Country Star Search Winners, and a number of slots at popular venues, festivals, and industry showcases.

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Known for her fiery and energetic presence, Sumerlyn’s many live shows have included the Calgary Stampede, and the main stage of the SunFest Country Music Festival in Western Canada.

Sumerlyn released two singles in 2021, “Over A Drink” and “Floatin’”. “Hostage” introduces listeners to a more emotional, vulnerable side. With more to come this year, Nicole Sumerlyn has a lot more to share with Canadian country music and fans.

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