It’s Time To “Put Your Hands Up” With Son of John

put your hands up Son of John

Released June 24, 2022, “Put Your Hands Up” is now the fourth single for country/roots duo Son of John. The duo is composed of Johnny P. Johnson and his son, Javan Johnson.

“Put Your Hands Up” was written a decade ago by Johnny P. but became an official Son of John song when Javan wanted to do the lead vocals but change a few things in the track. This is the first track they have where Javan is the lead vocalist.

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Upon first listen to the single, their listeners can recognize it’s much more lively and upbeat in comparison to their previous singles. But the up-tempo matches perfectly for the kind of track this is. It’s officially wedding season and “Put Your Hands Up” is a clear declaration of love, so don’t miss out on having it play at your wedding!

“Put Your Hands Up” Music Video

During the June 2021 heatwave in Midway, British Columbia, the music video for “Put Your Hands Up” by Son of John was created.

The video begins with Javan and Johnny P. driving in their Ford F250 to their previous single “Lonely Door” and breaking into a Pontiac Sunbird. They both get caught by an officer and get sent right to jail.

While there, Javan finds the keys laying on the floor and he gets caught again by the officer. But he asks her to marry him and she says “I do!” (Talk about a plot twist!) She helps them break out and they get married.

The detective catches them and they get into the getaway car. Take a wild guess what car it is?! Yup, it’s the Sunbird!

They then drive into their happily ever after in their F250.

The video is definitely one that can remind you that love can happen out of nowhere and you should always have your heart open to it. You can listen to this amazing track on YouTube.

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more news on the wonderful duo and follow them on all social media platforms!

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