From MSN Messenger to Married: The Musical Journey of Rosewood Ave

Rosewood Ave single "Broke"

Rosewood Ave are celebrating the release of their newest single “Good Ole Days”, which is available on all streaming platforms now.

I sat down with Sabrina and Dave to learn more about how they met and how Rosewood Ave came to be.

From MSN Messenger To Married

Sabrina (Charlebois) and Dave Sauve crossed paths when his family first moved to her small town of Iroquois Falls as teenagers.

Sabrina says, “He caught my attention because he had a big afro at the time, he looked like a rocker.”

It took a little bit longer for Dave to notice his new neighbour down the road, but after hearing one of his friends play her song, they did like many of us did when we had a crush in the 2000’s and started chatting over MSN Messenger. 

Sabrina and Dave spent a lot of time as friends before taking the plunge, playing music together and building a solid friendship; and now they’ve been married for six years. They couldn’t even stay off the stage at their own wedding, serving as entertainment for their guests (typical – how many of you have stayed away from the stage for just one night?).

Combining Their Shared Passion For Music

Sabrina grew up in a musical family, singing with her dad from a young age, who also played in a rock cover band. She remembers loving writing music really young, translating her feelings and stories to melodies. Her grandfather, also a musician, was always playing older country and gospel music.

Her combined influences come from this, paired with her dad’s rock influences, along with some of her idols like Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Sarah McLachlan and Shania Twain. Also sprinkled in are her angsty teenage favourites like Alice in Chains and Alannis Morrisette.

Dave grew up surrounded by familial influences as well, including his cousin who toured across Canada a number times, playing guitar for Johnny Reid. He fondly remembers a household filled with music; George Jones playing on most days, but when his mom put music on it was Def Leppard and The Scorpions flooding the walls of their family home.

As a teenager he leaned into the scream side, listening to Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot, and eventually found his way back to country with Alan Jackson and specifically, Brett Eldredge’s debut album. John Mayer challenged him to focus on becoming a more rounded guitar player.

Becoming Rosewood Ave 

With their passion for music and each other, Rosewood Ave formed from a number of ideas, including Sabrina’s last name and the street they lived on.

The pandemic pushed them into the livestream world where they weren’t sure what their initial goal was.

“At that point we didn’t have a plan, we were putting ourselves out there, and any sort of opportunity we discovered, we took it,” says Sabrina.

This led to an opportunity to work with Garth Fundis (Sugarland, Trisha Yearwood), the couple’s first writing trip to Nashville, and their first three singles, “Fool For Love”, “Whatcha Gonna Do”, and “Broke”. 

They also connected with Tara Shannon at Willow Sound Records, which they now call their musical home.

With much more music in store, their latest single “Good Ole Days” is available everywhere now!

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