Teigen Gayse Is Love Drunk In New Single “Messed Up”

Teigen Gayse single "Messed Up"

Teigen Gayse is love drunk in her latest single Messed Up. I “can’t get this out of my head and I kinda like it”. 

The song’s electric feel perfectly depicts what it’s like to be so in love it’s consuming.

A kick drum sets the backbeat of this song, with a fun pick up heading into the chorus. To love, or to be loved the way Teigen describes is captivating.  

Produced by Jimmy Thow and Jordan Oorebeek, “Messed Up” hit country radio and streaming platforms early spring, and gained a lot of quick momentum and early support.

A perfect addition to Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Country, Fresh Country, and Brand New Music along with Spotify’s Live Country and New Music Friday Canada. And of course, a top spot in our Top Canadian Country Playlist on Spotify.

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Chalking up to be a hit summer tune for this British Columbia-born artist, “Messed Up” showcases Teigen’s vocal gamut. 

Teigen’s Perspective on “Messed Up”

“My new single ‘Messed Up’ is about being so undeniably and unapologetically in love with someone. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do,” Teigen shares of her latest. 

Lyrically, “Messed Up” is playful and passionate with memorable lines like, “You got me flying high, giving me butterflies, boy your smile’s intoxicating”. 

Following The Success Of Previous Singles

“Messed Up” follows her previous release, “I Don’t Want to Fall in Love Anymore, that blew up in 2021 on TikTok raking in 3 million views, over 350,000 streams and hitting #43 on the Billboard Country Music charts. Blame the Winealso hit #46 on the Billboard charts. 

Teigen Talke To Us About The Success of “Blame The Wine” and More On Our Podcast

Teigen Gayse

Teigen fuels her passion for music with multiple trips to Nashville where she collaborates with several industry vets. Always on the go, she also spends time between her home in BC and Arizona with her family. 

“Messed Up” is a mere peek into what is to come for this Canadian artist in 2022. 

Teigen’s also looking forward to sharing more. She says, “This last year has been such an incredible journey for me and I’m so excited and proud of the body of music I’ve been creating with my closest friends.” 

Check out Teigen’s website to catch her on stage this summer.

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