Female country artist Madeline Merlo from Songland

3 New Singles from Madeline Merlo!

Madeline Merlo blessed us by dropping not one, but three brand new singles!!

She tweeted on Friday April 24, 2020: “I couldn’t be happier to have these song babies out in the world, let me know what you think!!”

The 26-year old singer/songwriter has been busy with her journey on season two of NBC’S Songland, where her song “Champagne Night” was chosen and recorded by Lady Antebellum.

So, what did we get from Madeline Merlo for our Canadian Country playlists?

“If You Never Broke My Heart” is hopeful. It’s about the process of getting through a heartbreak, the emotions, the lessons learned in a relationship, the healing process, and the eventual closure. The acceptance of a relationship ending, but learning so much about yourself in the process is the focal point, and is complimented by a soft, but strong music track.

stream the latest single "Kiss Kiss" by Madeline Merlo

“It Didn’t” is a celebration of the strength you recognize when you get through a bad breakup. Getting through negative experiences is about living the emotions, recognizing newfound strength, and looking forward to what’s next.

“Kiss Kiss” is my personal favourite of the trio of releases. The vibe is dangerous and sexy, with a rebellious electric guitar. The song is about the post-ex rebound. It’s the classic get-over-him/her, with a little tease, and accepting the rebound as part of the healing process for many.

Madeline Merlo has a way making you feel what she’s feeling through her music. Her strong, convictious vocals are always surrounded by strong music. She really knows how to tell the story.

Thank you, Madeline, for getting us through this week with some fresh music!

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Watch Madeline Perform “Champagne Night” for Lady Antebellum

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