“A Part Of Me” The Latest Single From Owen Riegling

Cover art for Owen Riegling's single "A Part Of Me"

Owen Riegling’s latest single “A Part Of Me” is out now and we’re so excited it’s finally here! It’s be a long wait for new music from this Ontario artist.

“A Part of Me” is the first release from the Bruce County-based country singer-songwriter in 2021.

A nod to his hometown roots, this brand new single is a reflection on growing up in a small town. The things young guys get up to on country nights, and the lessons they learn that stay with them.

The lyrics are filled with emotion and truth. “I wouldn’t trade this place for nothing. If only you could see, well this town is who I am, and who I wanna be. This town’s a part of me.”

Staying true to his Tyler Childers, Eric Church outlaw country influences, “A Part of Me” is mysterious. It leads with a traditional acoustic, and a suspenseful build to the bridge. Not unfamiliar to his style, “A Part of Me” reminds us of his first single, “Smoke Man“. The sultry delivery of the lyrics only further captures the story.

“It’s where I learned about Jesus, and I forgot his name. It’s where I raised all my hell in my glory days.”

We’ve been following Riegling since his first release back in 2019. What we’ve loved from day one is his authentic, genuine storytelling and his distinct sound. As a musician, the instrumentals are always intentional, while always driving the story to the focal point of your attention. “A Part of Me” is just the maturation of the young musician’s talent.

You can follow Owen Riegling on Twitter and Instagram, and listen to his music anywhere you can stream music.

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