Brian John Harwood’s “First” Is A Tribute To His Twin Daughters

"First" By Brian John Harwood

Brian John Harwood is tugging on our heartstrings in his latest single, “First,” which is a love letter and promise to his newborn daughters. 

Brian and his wife welcomed Logan and Cali mid-October and this catchy tune is the anthem for new parents. “First” perfectly captures the feeling of unconditional love children bring to their parent’s life.

Brian has solidified himself as the ultimate girl-dad with a line like, “From the first time you open your eyes, till the last day that I close mine, there is nothing I won’t do for you.”

Brian ‘first’ had these lyrics in his head when he was out for a run with his wife. He got home and immediately called his co-writer, producer, and friend Dustin Bird. Shortly after, they had the lyrics mapped out.

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The song starts off with a captivating intro, leading to a touching hook. When the song was first written, Harwood did not yet know he was having twins.

Brian John Harwood and his wife

“I questioned if I had to re-write the song a bit to fit having twins but I feel that it makes it more perfect because they are both my first and I will love them equally for the rest of my days.”

I was lucky enough to hear this song live at the legendary El Mocambo in Toronto in late October. This song comes from the heart, and it emanates when Brian takes the stage to perform these lyrics.

Known for his light-hearted, up-tempo party songs, Harwood certainly knows how to dial in on his emotions with previous releases, “Good Boy” and “Dad.”

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“First” doesn’t fall short of evoking a smile, and perhaps a tear for those who connect with the song.

Way to go, Dad! We can’t wait to see what this chapter has in store for you.

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