Graham Scott Fleming’s “Toughest Act to Follow”: An Empowering Anthem for Moving on From a Breakup + Music Video

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Graham Scott Fleming is back with another track that conveys the heartache of a breakup while also inspiring confidence in listeners and encouraging them to remember that no matter how much you try, sometimes things fall apart through no fault of your own:

You sometimes hit a point in a relationship when you’ve done all that you can and know you treated the person with love,” Graham shares. “It’s kind of an ‘it’s not me, it’s you’ moment. ‘Toughest Act to Follow’ is a good reminder to yourself that just because a relationship ended, it doesn’t always mean YOU did anything wrong, it just means the relationship wasn’t right. Keep your head up kings and queens, the right one’s out there.

In a bit of a departure from his other popular tunes like “Better Man” and “Somedays” (both of which are amazing), this track is upbeat and confident as it explores the aftermath of a breakup. The musical arrangement also projects more of a pop vibe than his ballads.

The song’s lively instrumentation and catchy melody make it an instant earworm, while the lyrics provide a satisfying mix of empowerment and catharsis. 

Graham Joined Us To Talk About This New Song

Fleming’s vocals are strong and assured, delivering the song’s clever lyrics with just the right mix of swagger and vulnerability. This track, which was co-written with Madeline Merlo in a nod to Fleming’s career on Broadway, expertly captures the feelings of self-assurance and defiance that come with realizing that you were the best thing that ever happened to your ex-partner.

Watch The Music Video For “Toughest Act To Follow”

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Rather than a ballad with woeful guitars and melancholy lyrics, “Toughest Act to Follow” is one you can dance to. It’s a song that manages to be both upbeat and reflective, making it a must-listen for anyone who has gone through a difficult breakup that may not have been their choice.

With this track, Fleming now has a song for each stage of a breakup. Our recommendation? Start by crying along to “Somedays” before moving on to “Better Man” when you’re ready to pick yourself back up, and regain your confidence with “Toughest Act to Follow” before getting back out there!

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