Teigen Gayse Teams up with Chad Kroeger in “If You Show Me Yours” A Crooning Country Ballad and Music Video

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The latest release from Canadian country pop princess, Teigen Gayse, showcases the undeniable talent that landed her in a writers room with music legend, Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickelback.

I wrote this song with Chad Kroeger and Simon Clow, and it’s one of my favourites to date,” Teigen shares. “It was so fun to create this song with them and bring out this level of vulnerability. After we finished writing, Chad and Chris Baseford ended up producing it. They are both so talented and it’s honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I hope you love the song as much as I do!”

On “If You Show Me Yours”, Teigen digs deep to connect with her own heartbreak on a track oozing with emotion around the fears of love and loss. The song lyrically and musically captures the raw struggle between the desire for true love and the risks that inevitably come when you gamble with your heart.

The song explores these themes through its title and lyrics that describe love as a card game. This motif, combined with smooth top-notch production, manages to create a sentimental country ballad with its own distinct groove.

The star of the song is, of course, Teigen. Her powerful vocal vibrato, expansive range, and the subtly raspy twang of her voice ground the song’s gritty truth.

Teigen Releases the Music Video For “If You Show Me Yours”

We Talk To Teigen About This Song And More On Our Podcast: Listen Here

“If You Show Me Yours” marks a clear departure from Teigen’s most recent singles that honed in on her pop influences to create high energy, feminine fueled, country anthems. Instead, this latest release, opts for long form lyrical metaphors and centers around Teigen revealing a new level of authenticity and experience as an artist.

This song feels like Teigen’s strongest release to date. The track plucks at the chords between uplifting hope and painful truth. High caliber writing, effortlessly catchy melodies, and the distinct vocal talent displayed by Gayse will leave you swaying your hips after just one play. 

About Metis Artist Teigen Gayse

Teigen, hailing from Kelwona, BC, is anchoring herself as not just an emerging artist to watch but a mainstay in Canadian Country music. Since she picked up a guitar at the age of 13, Teigen has been committed to developing herself as a performer and writer. Her last three singles “Messed Up”, “I Don’t Need a Boy”, and “If You Show Me Yours” highlight this immense growth exhibiting range in influence and ability.

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Teigen has had an incredible start to the year with her last single, “I Don’t Need a Boy” cracking the Top 50 charts, a TikTok following amounting in over 40 million views, and an exciting summer season ahead full of live shows including a set at Canada’s largest country music festival, Boots & Hearts, this coming August where she’ll play before her co-writer on “If you show me Yours”, Chad Kroeger, ahead of Nickelback’s headlining set.

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“If You Show Me Yours” is available on all major streaming platforms and is already sweeping editorial playlists like Canada’s Country, Today’s Country, and New in Country on Apple Music.

Stream “If You Show me Yours” By Teigen Gayse

An adaptable artist in the industry, Teigen effortlessly utilizes her lovable personality to connect with fans across social platforms bringing her music new listeners.

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