Introducing Adam Johnson’s Journey: His Latest Single, His Rock-Country Sound and What’s Next in 2024

country-rock artist Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson’s newest single “Blame It On Me” has been out for just over a month and just recently hit radio!

We got the inside scoop with Adam, his track and got to know him a little bit more. 

Johnson pulled inspiration for “Blame It on Me” through the people around him. He saw that some people were going through messy relationships and were dealing with some major heartbreak. 

But before writing the song, he was going through writer’s block (which most of us do). To get out of it, he found one of his favourite songs, rearranged the melody drastically, added his own emotions and lyrics, and BOOM! Came out of it writing this absolute gem (a little tip for all writers out there who may be experiencing some block). 

“I’m super lucky I got added to Fresh Finds Country and Fresh Finds Canada on Spotify. I got added to Breakout Country and Next from Nashville on Amazon Music. The feedback has been really good on the song and it’s a ton of fun to play live. I’ll play it in a room full of people that have never heard the song and everyone will just sing along with me. It’s an absolute blast to play,” Johnson explains on how his listeners have been taking in the newest track. 

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When he found out he was put on the playlists he said he was super excited and surprised. With his Spotify streams, he noticed his streams jumped overnight and realized he was on the playlists and it pushed his track!

2024 is going to be a huge year for Adam as he’ll be releasing new music throughout the year. Not only that, but he wants to reach out to all his fans and visit cities to play some gigs! For all you Adam Johnson listeners out there, you’re going to be in for a huge treat because his shows are parties! He wants everyone to be singing and dancing along to his music, so if you haven’t memorized all of his lyrics yet, you still have some time!

If you haven’t listened to “Blame It on Me” yet, what are you waiting for?! Stream it on your preferred platform and be sure you follow him on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Also, be sure to be on the lookout closer to the end of next year for an album release! There’s no official title just yet but definitely something everyone will be anticipating.  

More About Adam Johnson

Adam is greatly inspired by HARDY and for all the right reasons. Johnson says that HARDY is pushing boundaries and doing something different with the genre, which leads him to do the same. He wants to make sure he’s not putting out the same songs people have been listening to for so long. He wants to hear something new and unique, and that’s what he is giving his listeners. 

With “Blame It on Me” he pushed the genre more into the rock-country side of the genre. He wants all of his songs to be authentically him, which is why he adds that rock aspect to his music. Fun fact about Adam: he used to play in a rock band before starting his country career. 

Johnson was nominated for SCMA Male Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Emerging Artist of the Year. Adam says some of these nominations had him floored as the names that popped up on the nomination list were in the scene for a long time. He was excited to have been part of the list with other talented artists. 

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