We’ll Be The “Last Ones Up” With Nicole Rayy

Last Ones Up Nicole Rayy

Summer is here and Nicole Rayy has graced us with an absolute party anthem! She put out her newest single “Last Ones Up” on June 17.

“For me, I’m that person at every single party that has to be the last person up because I have total FOMO,” Rayy tells us. With “Last Ones Up” she stepped out of her zone and brought us something different. As someone who creates their music from a more personal angle, this track brings the personal and party vibes together in the most perfect way.

Rayy’s listeners have been receiving her new single with nothing but love. “In the first weekend, we were up to 10 thousand streams on Spotify which was amazing. That’s my fastest over the first weekend of release. I’m excited to see where it goes from here,” Rayy says.

Come the fall, we’ll be going back to a “classic Nicole” but Rayy will be going towards a country rock direction while still keeping true to her roots. Halloween is her favourite holiday and we should expect a new single around that time. The track will be titled “Graveyard” so be sure to keep on the lookout for that! We can also expect a new Christmas song and an upcoming album in the New Year.

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Nicole’s Annual HarmoniaFest

Rayy has her very own 3rd annual HarmoniaFest coming up in August, which is very exciting! “I’ve had this idea for about four years. They were announcing lineups for festivals and I just kept seeing lineup after lineup after lineup of pretty much all guys and there were no strong females on any of these bills which was just so frustrating,” Rayy expresses. She didn’t want female artists to be off the radar anymore and her thought was, “if I can’t join them, I might as well start my own thing.”

Eventually, she would want to make this a touring festival, but for now it will be held at Brooks Farms in Uxbridge, ON.

Upcoming Shows For Nicole Rayy

The most anticipated show Rayy has coming up is Hagersville Rock Fest on July 23 in Hagersville, ONT.. She was booked for this festival back in 2020, but due to the worldwide pandemic, she wasn’t able to play. Now that life is resuming back to normal, be sure to check her out at the end of this month if you can make it! The festival is rain or shine.

Just as the country queen, Shania Twain, has done for her, Rayy wants to continue to pave the way for female country artists and for the light to be on them and all their talent. Be sure to check Nicole Rayy out on all social media platforms to stay connected and to listen to all her tracks available on all streaming platforms.

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