Lemon Cash Has Us Wanting That “Someone” In Their Newest Track

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What better way to ring in the new year than with a brand new track from Lemon Cash! Released on New Year’s Day, Lemon Cash gave us “Someone”.

If you have ever felt like the last option in a romantic relationship, this song will be incredibly relatable.

Everyone wants to be wanted in a relationship, and sometimes in a toxic relationship it’s hard to let go and there are constant excuses because we “love” them. This track helps listeners realize that in a relationship we should feel like we are wanted and we are good enough to have that form of love.

The accompanying music video, which can be found right below, was released January 6, 2022, and is giving us the perfect imagery of their track. The introduction to their visualizer is one that will pull on your heart strings, but it gives you hope at the end!

Watch The Music Video For “Someone” By Lemon Cash

Without a doubt, this track will be putting Lemon Cash on the map and you wouldn’t want to miss out on listening to them as they grow!

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More About Lemon Cash

Ottawa native brother duo, Cory and Jeff Papineau, created Lemon Cash when they realized the power music has.

The brothers lived their lives by the phrase “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade,” which is exactly what they did with their music. Their music gave them the strength to move forwards and deal with life. When times were rough for them growing up, music was their form of therapy.

Fun fact: The two brothers also had their own lemonade stand and would celebrate their “lemon cash” at the end of the day!  

Hence the name of their band …

Originally being a cover band that turned to an alternative rock band, they realized country music is where their personalities and taste was.

What makes their music so astoundingly beautiful is how their lyrics can be perfectly painted as an image in your mind, as that is Cory’s goal with his song writing.

As a band, their goal is to create music that listeners can connect and turn to.

Be sure to check out their music on Spotify and Apple Music. Stay connected with them to get more updates on their latest news on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook!

Stream “Someone” By Lemon Cash

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