Lindsay Ell Reminds Us We’re “Right On Time”

"Right On Time" by Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell’s newest single “Right On Time” is the perfect song to remind you to take a breath, slow down, and embrace the moment that you’re in.

No one enjoys having the pressure of society being the driver of their life, and as a career-focused woman in her 30s, she says “Right On Time” is the anthem to her life and for anyone who felt pressured to follow societal norms.

The lyrics are introduced to us with “I got a friend who just got married, again. I don’t know what the hell that girl does. I can’t even find a plus one.” If you’ve been single for a while and observed people, sometimes it can feel as though people around you are getting into relationships fast or are going in and out of their relationships.

The first few lines and the chorus of the song helps us to remember to protect our heart and to take in where we’re at in our own journey and to not compare yourself to others, which is definitely a great reminder to all of us especially during an age where social media and societal norms is at the forefront of most people’s lives.

The track is also accompanied with a great music video which perfectly matches the lyrics. Ell is talking to what looks like a support group for people who feel like they’re never on time or delayed in their life. Everyone is then pictured celebrating realizing that they’re always on time in their life.

One thing I can promise you is this song will be stuck in your head and will also be your anthem to your life!

Watch The Music Video For “Right On Time”

About Lindsay Ell

From Calgary, Alberta, Lindsay Ell is a 33-year-old Canadian country pop singer/songwriter/guitarist who incorporates rock and blues in her tracks.

After going through a public break-up, and various life complexities, she took her life in her own hands and lived it unapologetically. She displays how she’s living her life through her music and it’s incredibly inspiring to her listeners or even those who come across her quickly.

Ell shows us how to be real and honest, as it’s the best way to live and be effective in all aspects of work and life.

You can stay connected with Lindsay Ell on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!

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